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Why are they looking at each other like that? :hmm:

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic © Hasbro
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Twilight: Ehm, I am considering to go to your world for some time Sunset.

Sunset: Oh, how's that so?

TS: Well, to explore more of the humans and to teach them the Magic of Friendship

SS: You're sure that is the only reason?

TS: Ehm, well....that blue haired hunk is also attracting...of course...ehm.

SS: You mean my ex, Flash Sentry.

TS: Ehm Yes, him, ahum.

SS: Well, that is great...NOT. After the friendship games, you paid us a visit. After that you didn't bother to show up, leaving your human friends alone. If I contacted you it was hard to get connection. In the meantime, Flash got interested in me again and I in him and now you want to 'explore the human world' all of a sudden?!? Hmmmm....