[OPEN] 4 Commissions guys for October reservations
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Published: July 10, 2016

[Updated Prices & Other]

Hi there fellow artists or clients! Thank you for considering me to make art for you and... or stopping by. I'm a 2D character designer and aspiring concept artist for video games. My current artwork obsessions includes pretty women, bearded men, armors and weapons, fantasy and action, pink and blues.

I'll be doing full-time freelancing now and would like to thank you all for the support. If I'm unreachable here in Deviantart please contact me through my e-mail or through twitter and discord~

Twitter: @artsunisiju
Discord: sijoubuns#9999

Please read my rules/ terms CAREFULLY to prevent misunderstandings later on. Thank you! c;

Send me a note with the title as "Commission". I'll message back my paypal e-mail after I approved your commission slot and send the payment. Just in case you can't reach me here on DA, you can also send me an e-mail here: sjartsu@gmail.com. To place an order for your commission please message me with all the details including:

Bulletturquoise by Wooded-Wolf Commission Type: Chibi, Full colored illustration, Half body, headshots, etc.
Bulletturquoise by Wooded-Wolf References:  Image of the character, scenes if you have one. You can link it to me if anything else fails.
Bulletturquoise by Wooded-Wolf Description: Personality, features, expressions, poses, color palette (if there's any), style, scenes, image refs, etc.
Bulletturquoise by Wooded-Wolf Commercial Purposes? (Will you sell the art to earn profit/ money?) Yes or No.
Bulletturquoise by Wooded-Wolf Your Paypal Account E-mail: REQUIRED.

Please do wait for me to send an invoice to your paypal. 

:star: Note: Please tell me if you are planning to use the art for commercial purposes (ex: for games, conventions, prints, etc.). I own the copyrights to the drawing and you must pay additional fees depending on the copyright you want for the commissioned piece.  You can send me an e-mail or message if you want to commercialize the piece and we can talk about the additional fees later.

PLEASE send the payment through my paypal under GOODS/ SERVICES. 

✔ I will gladly draw:

  • Original characters & fan arts. 
  • Gore. Bloody. Death.
  • Sexy / ecchi characters or themes, NSFW.
  • Characters with animal features, Anthro, furries (ex: cat ears, horns, wings, etc.).
  • Anime / Semi-realistic / Realistic
  • Monsters
  • Equipment / Weapons / Armors

 I will not draw:

  • Extreme mechas.
  • Too much buildings.

Commission Types & Prices

Prices may change again in the future.
Sketch, lineart commissions and order form will be updated soon.

:star: Twitch Emote - $25 each

[OPEN] Twitch Emote Commissions by sijumon

:star: Chibi Character - $50 - $100

[OPEN] Chibi Commission by sijumon

Chibi Samples 01 by sijumon Kiki by sijumon

  • Fully colored chibis.
  • PETS!!!
  • 1 day completion.
  • NO Background.

:star:  Headshot - Torso SKETCH Character Commission - $50+

[OPEN] Sketch Headshot Character Commission by sijumon
  • Sketch head to bust.
  • +$10 Additional pet or item
  • 1 day completion.
  • NO Background.
  • Will provide higher resolution .png or .jpeg

:star:  Half to Full body Character Commission - $75 - $150+

[OPEN] Full and Half Body Character Commission by sijumon

Samples Artworks

[Commission] Lady Knight by sijumonOC - Alexandria by sijumonLenalee | Commission by sijumon
Hana Song a.k.a D.VA by sijumon MEI-Ling Zhou by sijumon

  • Fully rendered illustration of the character with simple to NO background
  • + $35 - $50 for more complex background.
  • 5-7 Days before completion depends on my availability.


  • I will only work on commissions in "first come first serve" basis.
  • After I approved the commission through note, message, or e-mail, you can send the payment through my paypal address (I'll reply my paypal e-mail through note, message only).
  • Send me the FULL payment as possible for the commission through PAYPAL ONLY
  • If ever I failed to finish the commission within certain circumstances with you knowing it, you have the right to refund it.
  • PLEASE don't send money without me sending the invoice to you or without approving the commissions. Thanks!


After I received and confirmed the payment, I'll then start with the sketch and try to send the low res preview to you on the same day. 

 STAGE 2: LINEART | COLOR. Depending on the style, I'll either send the low res preview lineart / cell shaded / flats or the rough painting of the character(s) and send it to you if you have revisions.

 STAGE 3: SHADING | FINAL. I'll finalize all including the colors, shading, lighting and send the final preview image to you with the watermark. After you finalized the design and confirmed it, I'll send the high-res without the watermark.  Enjoy!

:star: Up to 3 revisions ONLY. Please decide carefully on what you want to change. Thank you!


:star: The Client can use the image for non-commercial purposes/ personal use only. He/ she also retains all the rights to their original characters and are welcome to display the artwork on the website with a proper credit to the artist.

:star: The Artist may use the commissioned artworks for his portfolio, website, gallery, exhibitions and retains all rights to the artworks.

:star: If by chance the Client does not want to show the commissioned / commercial use artwork, he/ she has the right to tell the Artist to do so.

Creative Commons License
All artworks are licensed under Creative Commons (CC) BY-NC-ND


Star! = Completed
Half Star = in progress
No Star = Pending

Current Commissions 
Will finish all by the end of September

. Full Body Commission - @AriesThrottle Star!Star!Star!
2. Headshot Commission - relinou 
3. Headshot Commission - Luis Star!Star!Star!
4. - Half Body Commission - LoonLoon Star!No StarNo Star
5. - Full Body commission - Lichaes70 No StarNo StarNo Star

Queued for October ....

 6. Full Body commission - moondust70  No StarNo StarNo Star
 8. Full body commission - Helba-00  No StarNo StarNo Star

Finished Commissions
1. Chibi commission for elee0228 Star!

Copyright © sijumon | Simon Jude Alaban 2019. All Rights Reserved.

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