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What are you doing?
Okay so let's think.
Think think
Think think think
What are you thinking about?
I don't know
Then why are you thinking?
Because I can think.
What do you usually think about?
I don't know, things I guess.
What kind of things?
I don't know things. Like why the earth is round, what two plus two really means, is there any other life in the universe? THINGS!
Those are kind of deep things don't you think? Don't you ever think of easier things?
Yes, but you put me on the spot so I said whatever came to my mind.
So do you ever actually think of those things?
Well... yes.
Oh...why do you think we think?
Why do you want to know?
I don't know, just wondering...
Well I guess it's because there is nothing else rationality and imagination are better at. Rationality is meant for rational thinking; things like 2+2=4. Imagination is for things like 2+2=Hair pick. Thinking combines these two and makes them deeper then what they have already been presented i
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Haught-WIP by siilentlullabie Haught-WIP :iconsiilentlullabie:siilentlullabie 0 0 What's the Catch by siilentlullabie What's the Catch :iconsiilentlullabie:siilentlullabie 0 0 The things we strive to be by siilentlullabie The things we strive to be :iconsiilentlullabie:siilentlullabie 0 2 Nest-WIP by siilentlullabie Nest-WIP :iconsiilentlullabie:siilentlullabie 0 0 Guy by siilentlullabie Guy :iconsiilentlullabie:siilentlullabie 1 0 Dust by siilentlullabie Dust :iconsiilentlullabie:siilentlullabie 0 0


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RE: Are You An Artist?
Are you?
Do you find yourself awake late at night, upset that you haven't written anything that day, but don't seem to have any ideas?
Do you get frustrated, ask yourself “what's the point?” because you're not as good as that girl you watch who has perfect anatomy in every little sketch?
Do you slave over a sculpture, come back to it a few months later, and realize you hate it?
Do you have days where you just don't want to even think about your next set of photos, because you want some time to relax and clear your head?
But more important than those...
Despite all of the above, do you get back up and keep doing your art?
I've been through a proverbial hell, beating myself up for the times I don't "feel" like writing and I don't "feel" like a writer. Being an artist isn't about perfection. It's about accepting that you're going to fail (because you will), and that you will have days where you don't “feel” like an artist. It's about not giving up, and working h
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So much talent! <3



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Masquerade-massacre Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2011
happy birthday lovely!!!!!
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thank you!! <3
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anytime hunny. <3 i will draws you a birthday present as soon as my computer is up and running again. >.> it crashed and i have to reload all my programs on it. i'm using my ipod right now to access the internet. T.T
siilentlullabie Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2011
Im looking forward to it! :D
geez that sucks, I've had the fortune of that unmentionable not yet happening to me, but it seems to happen to everyone so I wait in anticipation, and dread the day it will finally happen. It's good though that you still have something to access with though, so that's the bright side of a dark situation I suppose haha
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Happy New Year!
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You are very welcome!
Happy new year to you as well, Hope you have a wonderful 2011!
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