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Fooling around with Illustrator and Photoshop combo.
Yay! Finally got Illustrator. In the beginning I thought ''hey, this program is so easy!'' .. then.. I didn't get A THING I am doing, and then I started to take control of it.
Anyways, no-outline drawings are really fun, so beware of them. There are more coming your way.

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Yay! :dummy:
Vestard has arrived in New Vegas!
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hgfjds i wish he would. 8C i still need to get money for the game.
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asdfdsf i'll just never get that much of money olol .. .___.
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It took me months to save up.
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This is a really cool effect! I love the colors and the textures!
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Love the cut paper style!
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Oh my, this is digital? When I saw this, I was thinking it was construction paper or some such! ^^; It's a super cute style with a very interesting character!
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yes it is digital :D i like to get traditional feel with digital mediums. :D
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Aww this is so cool! I don't even know what to say about it...
I can't do no-outline pictures... I tried it once... it was MacFail! :<
... This is more like... MacAwesome. :D
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d'aww, thanks! you really tried that? :D
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Yeah here's the link: [link]
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it looks like something out of a kids' book! bombings!!
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oh goody goody~
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