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Teen Tyrants 2

By Sii-SEN
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Red Robin & Red Raven of the Teen Tyrants.
Lovely mohawk!
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isn't Red Robin the name of someone else from the Batman franchise??
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The Crime Sydicate's sidekicks, I remember these guys from the animated comic, they would have been great for the show (the 03 version of course!)
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Sofi eres tu? Eres la creadora de la historia de Streak y Lucky? 0.o

Se parece a Jinx xD <3
skaterfunmcdc's avatar
Their punk rock lovers
lyramed's avatar
U.U a couple very dangerous, but I like this. Clap Heart 
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wooooooh more of tyrant Robin love it ;) and Ravens redesign is amazing love the pink, the seductive eyes, the red marks (which i don't know what are, but absolutely love) and the smirk :D it is so perfect.
You have too do more of this, i have too see a tyrant version of beast boy and if possible i would love too see you do one with Raven and beastboy, i loved the dynamic they had in the show and i am soo mad that they didn't end up together, they are my favorit couple in teen titans.
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they're so cute together XD
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Damn, this is cool. 
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Whoah, nice concept! :) Haha, Raven with pink hair...
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Do Beast Boy next with Raven! XD Maybe he just goes by the name 'Beast', and has allowed elements of his inner beast to come out. lol
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beast boy isn't a Tyrant :)
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there sould be more of the teen tyrants!
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i know right?!?!? why the hell didn't they let us see more of them :( well either way im glad they made them in the first place ;D
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I love this sooooo much!!!!!!
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I never could get over the fact Red Raven looks like a RaeJinx love Child. But I love this pairing as much as the original RobRae, so great job and total fav.
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what chapter in TTG? o.o
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I'm confused is this evil raven from another dimension?
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Yup is red raven, she appeared in the comic teen titans go!
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Yeah I did a little research thanks for the response though :D
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