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Yorgi Schmorgi...

my brain isn't working properly today
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I love this. :love:

For some reason, it looks like Reala is eying NiGHTS for his pants. I'm not sure why. It's probably because I'm tired and I have a freaky working mind. And Jackle? Jackle is just being sexy. He's like, "Yeah; that's right! I own this game!" And NiGHTS... He's saying something along the lines of, "My jacket ish fuffy! :meow:"

I really do love this, though! If they're head things are actually hats... I want to wear one of them. XD
Sihira-Hedgehog's avatar
haha xD I never actually aimed Reala's eyes drawing this. He was just eyeing NiGHTS for no real reason. Jackle... well, he's Jackle. You hit the nail on the head there. And I kinda intended for NiGHTS to talk to the audience like s/he's trying to explain what's going on.

But yeah xD I'm glad you like them!
petit-chou's avatar
really cute style!
Sihira-Hedgehog's avatar
Thank you ^^ I've never described my style as 'cute' before, though.
petit-chou's avatar
huh weird. i didnt even mean to type cute i meant to type "cool." oh well it's good either way B)
SlyFoxMaren's avatar
Reala is cuuute... :love:
Sihira-Hedgehog's avatar
Haha, thank you x3 I don't see him as cute though. more like handsome.
SlyFoxMaren's avatar
noo... cute... :D for me, he is cute every time... :love:
tobisempai's avatar
i rememmmmmmmmmmmber
we were talkingggggggg
about this.
Sihira-Hedgehog's avatar
Yes, yes i rememmmmmmmmmmmber.
Videogamer-Phil's avatar
First, the neck, now the limbs? Be careful and don't lose your head, too. :XD:
I like the colors, they look perfect here. The cape looks good, too.
Sihira-Hedgehog's avatar
haha xD Jackle actually doesn't have limbs! All you can see of him are his eyes, mouth, and clothing. Everything else is either invisible or nonexistent.
Videogamer-Phil's avatar
Yeah, i've noticed that: the first time I played the game and saw NiGHTS, it was... surprising (to quote my thoughts: ":O_o: OMG it's a purple flying Rayman!")
Sihira-Hedgehog's avatar
Yeah! and NiGHTS flies around like a maniac as the entire point of the game :iconlawooplz:
TyLeeChan's avatar
I never got a alert that you had drawn this!

Anyways, this is great! All ofthe characters in NiGHTS have such colorful and innovative designs!
Sihira-Hedgehog's avatar
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