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needs vacation from life
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☽ Female | Portuguese | Asexual | Aquarius ☾

☽ Shy | Introvert | Stubborn | Emotional | Klutz ☾

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☽Caffeine addict | Anime | Disney☾

☽Animals | Junk food | Kawaii | Horror☾

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☽Politics | Religion | Crowds | Hippocrites☾

☽Narcissism | Sports | Drama☾

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Thanks a lot for the fav <3

If wan support me outside DA, i leave my latest instagram post:

Rose Majokko - DTIYS

Hey fam, long time no see I'm just poking my head in to say hi and I hope you're doing well!!! 😄

So sorry for the late reply! Darn thing either takes a century to load notifications or crashes -_-

I'm alive I guess, got more complaints and headaches than ever before because of this toxic wormhole I'm living at...could be worse.

You're good!!

and trust me, this website's gone downhill imo- DNGKLSDG

My notes are still open even if I'm like- NONEXISTENT HERE if you ever wanna just yell JDFKGKSDG aaaAAA

I couldn't agree more. Ever since the staff stopped caring and the site was bought, plus the whole new sh*tty layout and rebrand, it became a sh*thole for mostly thieves and ai crap.

Nah, you don't wanna deal with my sh*t lol. I can drop by for a hello here and there but I no longer rp. People either just stop replying out of the blue or become toxic, so I gave up trying cuz I still need my sanity :3

If you like to get points I know someone who can help you. Go to 100millionPOINTS page on Deviantart and they can help you get some points. I'm also on the lookout for more points so I can get more commissions made and give gifts to friends.