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Peach's swimsuit - 2 designs

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Alternative versions of this illustration, including the original design commissioned by ~squidflakes (a swimsuit based on the squid-like Blooper enemy).
The design on the right is way more suggestive, it was a little experiment that I did during a moment of boredom.

Now, which of those two designs do you like more and why?

Made with Shi-painter Pro.
Princess Peach is © to Nintendo.
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© 2007 - 2021 SigurdHosenfeld
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r-j-x's avatar
She looks great in both with a body like that.
Peachlover2000's avatar
I love how long her hair is. But it my get in the way of our fun time lol.
japender61's avatar
I'd go with the one on the right, very sexy, shows off her figure very well. The one on the left reminds me of Wilma Flintstone, and while she rocks that dress, I don't think of it as a "swimsuit".
IchigoMurasaki's avatar
Hi! May I use this as a base as long as I credit you for the original pose? When ever I use it I'll link you back. ^_^
SigurdHosenfeld's avatar
Sure, feel free to use it. :D
IchigoMurasaki's avatar
Awesome!~ Thank you so much. "Just so you know I might be using it for just about every female OC I have in my gallery". ;3
Brutalcat22's avatar
I won't my girlfriend to wear what's on the left
Fanboyism123's avatar
My favorite is the one on the right, because it's more revealing of course!
AxelXenaMoon's avatar
I love the one on the left! It's so my style!...But my parents would KILL me if I wore that! XD I was just kidding 'bout the kill part, so calm your a$$ down, 'kay?
SigillumDeiAemeth's avatar
The first one doesn't show much. It's more of a mini dress instead of a swimsuit.
TheFamilyCat's avatar
The white swimsuit is sexier as it exposes just enough but not too much. =)
tila1123's avatar
i like the white one
INCUBIRI's avatar
smashbrothersfanboy's avatar
The right one looks hot. :heart: x1,000,000
Galaxu's avatar
I like the left one
Play-do's avatar
Very well made, as usual!
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Nazgul4's avatar
I get the feeling that I have seen the left one somewhere before...
But where...
KylietheStar's avatar
i like it it's epic
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