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Nintendo -Les belles endormies

Image commissioned by *Nayzor.

Here are most of Nintendo's main female characters sleeping together in a single room. Characters included: the sweet Princess Peach, Krystal, Pauline, Toadette, Daisy, Midna, Mona, Zelda, Malon, Samus, Saria and the Captain Syrup (from one of the early Wario games).

I like the final results, they all look very adorable sleeping. :aww:

Characters (c) Nintendo
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Nintendo girls are hot and sexy. But if I had to pick only one, I would choose the top right girl, Krystal. She is my most favourite of all gaming characters and gorgeous chicks alike. I even love to interact with her in human and anthro way.

Devinesouljah's avatar… time to bring daisy to main games help spread the word
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Is that Pauline in between Peach and Midna?
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I love it!!!!! My favorites R Toadette, Zelda, Malon, and Samus. Don't mind if I add this picture 2 Nintendo-Girls?
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Rebel's story remake: Except for a researcher guy with his shield goggle, so he don't have a crush on any girl in a fucking bed
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Daisy looks adorable!! Amazing!
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This picture was submitted on May 3, 2007 which was 6 months before Rosalina debuted.
Beautiful picture!
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this is the only picture you drew with malon in it?
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This is so fantastic!
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Geez that is one huge bed (Whatever the hell it is...)
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What about Rosalina :[?
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Rarely did I see a drawing of the Ocarina of Time version of Zelda these days. And just for that, I love it more. 
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I love Crystal, Samus and Zelda
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I feel like I want to cuddle with peach
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I don't know why, but I desperately want to cuddle with Saria! :love:
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"Les belles endormies" means The sleeping beauties in French. These are the beautiful and sexy girls or young women.
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thanks for translating, using my knowlage of cognates I got the Enormous Bellies. Didn't fit very well, so thanks for the help
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Why are they in their underwear?
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