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Not dead yet! + NEW GALLERY

Not dead yet! + NEW GALLERY

M.I.A. Damn, it's been more than two months since I uploaded something in any of my galleries. Shame on me! For those wondering why the bloody hell I've been so inactive lately, too many health and monetary problems sidetracking me, on top of tons of work. Sadly, time for drawing is very scarce at the moment. :upset: Most of the few images I managed to finish can't be uploaded since they are private commissions. I sincerely hope my clients change their mind and allow me to post them. ART BLOG On a brighter note, I'm making a new gallery! :la: This is my new art blog, which hopefully will be more updated than my dA gallery: http://svhz.b

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EvodolkaHobbyist Traditional Artist
your work seems so familier :D
keep up the lovely work
He's gone. Inactive since 2016.
EvodolkaHobbyist Traditional Artist
aww :(
that's a shame
XXFanXofX4869XXStudent Writer
Well, to all who still miss Sigurd, I think I found a post that may shine some light on the situation. 

I found a not-so-old post from an anonymous user on a old-fashioned site that had some...less than friendly stuff to say about Sigurd.…

Reading inbetween the lines, it sounds like Sigurd was copying the style, and even some of the ideas, of a japanese artist named Konpeto. Their content can be found on most Booru sites, and they have their own Twitter as well. Out of respect for their privacy I won't be posting it, but if you do some searching on Danbooru and Gelbooru you'll find the links quickly enough. 

If what this asshat says is true (and I desparately don't want to believe it) Sigurd is one of the most skilled art thieves this generation has ever seen. It could very well explain why he just up and disappeared. If someone caught onto him, it makes sense that he would stop. 
Things like art style and body poses are not protectible by copyright law or other IP law, for reasons that should be plainly obvious. If it was, every artist since the dawn of time would be a plagiarist and a pirate. Copyright law protects expression of ideas, not ideas themselves.

I wish everyone would stop crying 'art theft' at the drop of a hat, you can't just defame others without real proof. That in of itself is also a crime (tort), two wrongs don't make a right.

The proper terms are 'copyright infringement' and 'plagiarism', saying 'art theft' is just a lazy way of accusing others of both at the same time. If you were suing for copyright infringement, you wouldn't use an informal term like art theft, you'd be laughed out of the courtroom.
XXFanXofX4869XXStudent Writer
That makes me feel better, thank you. But it still doesn't explain why he vanished....
Using a similar style doesn't make one an art thief. Copying a specific style still requires skill and effort.

For example, when Alan Silvestri made the Back to the Future Theme, he was told to do it in the style of John Williams. He didn't steal anything from Williams, he still had to put in all the time and effort himself to make it.