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Scary Godmother doll on Kickstarter

Thu Aug 22, 2013, 9:50 AM
Jill Thompson is looking for people who will back her project of making a jointed Scary Godmother doll.

Do you like Jill's work? Do you love Scary Godmother? Are you just fond of dolls?
(Obviously, all three go for me, so I have jumped on the bandwagon as soon as I heard of this project's existence...)

You would make 755 people (and counting) happy by contributing, if you have some monies to spare :).

Scary Godmother on Kickstarter

You can always help us by spreading the word! Please share the project and support Jill! She's fab!

Skin by Winyumi (modified by Sigune)
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vampireangel13 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2013  Professional General Artist
oh wow...I have never actually heard of Scary Godmother but it's so right up my alley........I may have to give it serious thought.
Sigune Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You didn't know Scary?! How have you managed to lead a normal life all this time?! But it's true, she kind of had Alex's colours. Not sure they'd hit it off, but... :D

Joking, joking... But she's fun. I think I love all of Jill Thompson's work, but one of my favourites is a Scary Godmother story, "Ghoul's out for Summer". Scary Godmother is a comic for children, but I like the art and concept so much! Not to mention the Scary Godmother's amazing dress sense... So when I found out about the doll, welll... I certainly do hope it gets made!
vampireangel13 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2013  Professional General Artist
I know right? HOW DID I LIVE?!? XD
Alex would probably enjoy glaring at her from across the room, it's what he does best. That, and sit around with no pants (don't ask.)

I may have to check her stuff out. I like the art style (but I'm a fan of all creepish arts so that's not a shock) and it would be fabulous if she could get the doll made! I wonder if people who didn't donate would still be able to purchase then? I am kind of afeard of Kickstarter....I still don't get the whole thing....Does the money go away if the goal isn't met? Do the donators lose their $$ Or do they still get the stuff they were promised? I can't figure it out. There's a comic I want on it right now and I haven't donated because of the same thing :\

Someday I'll figure it out.
Sigune Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
No - if she doesn't get enough backers, the doll simply does not get made. She needs the money to pay for the production. The backers pledge a certain sum, and when the goal is met, the project will be realised. At that point, the money you promised gets taken off your credit card. If the goal isn't met, you don't pay, but the project doesn't get carried out.

There is always an element of risk because, even when the project gets the funding, that doesn't mean that the person who started it will be a consummate professional and get everything made and shipped... I have every confidence in Jill Thompson on that account, though.

I have backed several Kickstarter and other crowdfunding projects so far. It takes patience - often the book or the item you backed only starts to get produced when the funding is done, meaning you have to wait for the whole thing to be drawn/constructed and then printed/produced... I backed one comic (in Spain) that is just now being printed and will soon be shipped; I backed two comics that I have received in the meantime; and there is another comic of which I have received a preview and am awaiting the printing (it should arrive in November 2013).

To be sure, I have never offered large sums - usually I back the project for the comic (or in this case the doll) only, especially since I also have to pay the exorbitant shipping from the States. I wouldn't be a happy bunny if it turned out someone cashed in on a project and then never kept their promise of actually producing and sending my item, but I wouldn't have to forego a meal or something if it did happen. So far all my Kickstarter experiences have been good ones though :).
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