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Thotho - Cover

CD cover for the french musician Thotho : [link]
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This is a really nice piece.

I love the design of the instrument (organ?) and the warm tint over the image works really well with the style of it.

I also really like the idea of someone conducting a machine instead of an orchestra. I don't know why but that image just really appeals to me.
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Thank you for such a nice comment.
Glad you liked it :)
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wow. this is so surreal and strange i can't resist faving it :D
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first thing that came to mind : hmmm, a V8, supercharged, 5.0L dual trumpet :giggle: amazing piece of work, truly amazing
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wow, you're quite awesome.
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I was just listening to waltz in black when I saw this. How appropriate.
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Today, electronic music producers make music like that man in the picture, those people make with sintetizers, woofers, computers, wire, electricity, science, discovering new sounds, new rithms. (like me), The art is fine. see ya!
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Music is a great inspiration to the soul. Allowing us to mix notes, sound, and feelings into creating emotions that flows just right, from a soul into many. Machine has the power to help fine tune such creation, like photoshop for visual imagery, tweaking wave lengths in composition and rhythm creating a never forget sound. Signature to a feeling, and if the musician has the natural ability to create such beauty with sound design the song will always be in the hearts of many generations to come.

Great piece, you did a good job with the composition, and color schemes. Keep up the creativity.
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What a great and true comment...
Thanks for the taking the time to share this piece of thought.
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The balance and composition is just extraordinary. I love the textures. :D
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If it was be possible, you would be my favourite artist.

That's it. I'd better start learning French...
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very cool! with this you are very close to my own realm of imagination.
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Nice epic feel. I like the sense of immensity that is portrayed by the "instrument". It gives the image a great feeling of power.
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Incredible work... I'm speechless...
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Thanks a lot :)
Hope you'll find your tongue soon anyway. Might be usefull !
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:D Don't Worry, a quick look at some stuff around here lately and I'll be a chatbox again ;)
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