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hello! it's been a while, i'm aware.
i don't really know how to put this, but the title says it all: i'm leaving this platform.
being on here was a beautiful experience, i managed to get commissions done (even if just with points), i've experienced a core membership as well, i've met some wonderful wonderful people and everything kept me motivated and active.
so why am i leaving? a series of reasons, really, but i'll keep it short: the site is too big and crowded, there are too few active watchers, and the fact that i have to put on a mature filter for some of my artworks is, honestly, limitating.
and whereas the first 2 things i can slightly tolerate, the 3rd point is really aggravating. i love gore and painting gruesome pictures is what i like to do the most. however i don't want to shove it in people's faces if they're sensitive about it, and since on deviantArt there are a LOT of younger people who might be sensitive to certain things, i always put a mature filter on my artworks. however, this doesn't allow my pictures to appear on the newest page and because of that, basically nobody sees them. which makes me sad!
i've been on other platforms before, like drawing amino and newgrounds, and i ended up being featured on the front pages of both sites (multiple times on amino, once on newgrounds), so i feel like they're both the right size for an artist like me to gain some exposure. since drawing amino is really strict with gore and generally nsfw content, i've decided to give newgrounds another shot. this time, more seriously.
here's the link to my newly created page in case you wanna keep up:
and i've set up a ko-fi as well:
hope to see you around, and thanks for everything!


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