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Commission guide: to commission me, send me a note with your commission details! but before that, be sure to read the info below! you will find my standard request format at the end of the page, if you wanna use that. for payment, i only accept paypal! links and everything will be provided after i've accepted your commission. about payment times, i would like if you paid half the price before and the other half after i'm done with the piece. hope that's okay!

Commission prices:

Headshot: 7€
Yuumaru (art trade) by signorinella

Portrait: 10€
The last glimpse of life by signorinella

Waist-up: 12€
Anisha (art trade) by signorinella

Full-body: 15€
ayumi shinozaki by signorinella


Additional characters: +5€ each new character

Background: a simple background is free, a semi-detailed background is +2€

If you purchase something from here and share this journal, i'll throw in an extra sketch for free!


Will draw:

- OCs (humans, aliens, minor animalistic features such as ears, tails, fangs etc.)
- Fanart (anime, games, movies, tv series etc.)
- Gore (from blood and small cuts to full-on dismembered bodies)
- NSFW (nudity, sexual acts, as long as the characters are fictional and over 18)
- Couples (SFW and NSFW, as long as the characters are fictional and over 18)

Won't draw:

- Anthros/furries
- Animals
- Underage NSFW
- Complex backgrounds

Waiting time: from 2 days to 2 weeks, depending on what you choose

Commission format (optional)
- Artwork type: (headshot, portrait, waist-up or full-body)
- Characters requested: (number of characters, names, reference links or pictures)
- Additional details: (particular poses, backgrounds, trigger warnings etc.)

thank you for considering! (♡´౪`♡)
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