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What's the use of feeling, Blue?

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This is gorgeous !
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of all the gems....BD has the most elegant desing yet,,,
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yeah, a beautiful diamond...wonder what ethnicity they got inspired, Yellow is obviously north european (she looks like a young brigette nielsen).
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Well, it's very subtle, but...
 If you listen closely in later episodes, Blue Diamond has an Irish Accent.
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Hello! I don't mean to bother, but I find this piece of art very creative and think it would be perfect to repost on a Facebook page I help run. It is called the 'Crystal Gems' and we are non-profit. We just like to repost peoples art (with credit of course) so they can spread their art to a wider audience. But, if you do not want this piece reposted, that's fine! Just let me know and it will not be posted. If you do want your art posted, feel free to reply to this comment with any other links. Though, the links you provide have to be related to the art in some way (i.e: not just a regular blog on Tumblr., but one dedicated to your art). Links that we accept are deviantart, tumblr, Facebook pages, redbubble, and instagram. If your link has a lot of NSFW art, please let me know so I can mark it as such! 

If you would like to check out the page, here's the link:…

I hope you have a great day! 

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You may post the artwork with credit. You may use the link to my deviantart and my tumblr page (Which is dedicated to my art with only little reblogging from other sources, which are mostly art related) which has the same handle:

There is no pornographic material on my blog, but a little bit of suggestive content like semi nudity and the like. 

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do you think there would be enough suggestive material that i should put a small warning? not many minors view our page, but there is still a handful.
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Perhaps a semi-nudity and blood warning would be good.
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Holy #@$%, I saw this on Tumblr, but I must say this: It's simply amazing! I love the texture of the fabric and hair, it's as if I can actually feel it! Brilliant work!
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Awesome!!! ^3^ <33
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Your style is so amazing and detailed! Awesome work! :heart:
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when i see her, she reminded me of Mother mary, idk why.....
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That is wonderful!Heart Heart Heart 
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