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Red sunset


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[ Watercolor ] Ciel

Aquarelle drawings

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Drawing of nature elements

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Tutorials on composition

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Final Fantasy VII - Re-Demake

Animated gifs

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Poivorine SSJ

Fan art

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Freestyle Skiing - Mogul Skiing


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Hazel Eyes

Portraits in pixel art

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pixel - Simon Rolfes (MS Paint)

Characthers in pixel art

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Strut Cycle

2D animation

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We skipped March and now we are in the April pixel art challenge, this time about ,,draw everyday objects with primitive shapes,, which has been sugested by @SignerA. I decided that for this month it will be a cube shape. Examples: Rules: Only pixel art. Your piece can be basically anything, it just needs to be in a cube shape. The size of the pixel art is up to you. Can be both animated or static. Please upload in this folder. Have fun ! Finished works: ***

ALL-THE-PIXELS group contest

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Llama Badge : c'est quoi?

:thumb167823456: Bon ben voilà. a quoi servent les llamas badges ? quelques infos sur le sujets ! donc ça ne sert à rien... XD c'était juste une "farce" fait par DA le 1er avril 2009 il me semble (me souviens plus de l'année) et depuis c'est resté. Après vous pouvez faire une collection de llama qui ne vous apportent pas grand chose non plus. Mais ça fait plutôt plaisir d'en recevoir un. Et pour en donner c'est gratuit, pas besoin de donner ou recevoir des points en échange. personnellement je donne des llamas quant quelqu'un m'en donne un, quand on fav un de mes dessins ou qu'on me watch.

Help for new deviants

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Find your way around DA #1: Pose References

Coming up with interesting, accurate poses for your characters can be difficult. Either they all end up looking the same, or the poses just don't look right. Drawing from a reference is a great way to practice this. Luckily, there are lots of amazing resources available to help you out, both here on DeviantArt and one the big bad WWW. I've listed the ones I know here, so you don't have to do the digging. - I've picked resources that focus on poses, not on anatomy. This means that the drawn pose references listed here are not necessarily anatomically correct. Though the two are definitely related, to me they're not necessarily the same thing.

Advertisings and engaged actions

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Still Life

Drawing basics

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XBox One Sketch


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Red sunset

Landscapes and Environnements

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2021 Tridents

Pixel art

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2# Rainbow Star Sticker-avatar

Aanimations in pixel art

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Quarantine Buddies

3d characters

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I learned the magic of pixel graphics

3D landscapes and environnements

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3d animation

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lone purple


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Perfect Life

Photo manipulation and Linked method

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Poetic sunset


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