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MoleSkine Dragon

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Drew this with micron pens in a large MoleSkine Sketchbook, than scanned it in to color with photoshop. I was going for a watercolor type effect. I need to get brave enough to watercolor for reals!

Original inks here:
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the dragon is simple yet speaks volumes.

I like this very much
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Snap, this is epic!
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Even without the colours the original looks equallly as good.:)
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It's amazing, but I think that the colors are a bit too steady for watercolor. You always see that washy effect with them, and this is solid. (Amazing at that XD)
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This is amazing!!!
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Nice design. :D
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Woow this dragon is just awesomee :D
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the splash of red with the jewel is very effective :)
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Wow the head is really nice :D
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The dragon's absolutely beautiful, I especially love the blue eye! :)
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Really.. interesting :o
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I love how detailed this is.
I especially like the design for the dragon. I find that coming up with designs is really difficult.
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Almost all my dragon designs are in some way influenced by dinosaur anatomy, it happens without me even being aware!
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I'm really digging his tusky herbivore-y snout. :)
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The head turned out very cerasaur like without me even being aware that was what was happening!
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That's so pretty. D: I seriously love all the details on the scales. Gorgeous work. :heart:
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Amazing detail!
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