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All dem kids

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How many can you name without reading the description? .u.

Auurrh, why do I do these torturous things to myself? 15+ characters fit snug into a fully colored, bged pic. Everyday I agony :iconrazycryplz:
Bellyaching aside, the picture is pretty straight forward. I took a bunch of Spyro x Cynder kids from different artists and shoved them into one picture. What if they were all one canon bunch from the same universe? ogod. Cheaper by the Dozen anyone? +2 extra. Not all the SxC kids on DA are included here, that would murder me. They're namely from comics I follow. I corresponded their ages here with the ages they appear in their respective comics(most being teenagers). Some may be easily recognized, others may not.

The kids from left to right are:
Koalle - future character of the comic Lost Voices Hidden Secrets
Lunai - from the comic The Evil Returns
Voniic - from the comic The Evil Returns
Komette - future character of the comic Lost Voices Hidden Secrets
Phoenus - from the fanfic Dark Descendents
Stardust - from the comic Spirits Reborn
Cea - from the comic Spirits Reborn
Deraius - future character of the comic Lost Voices Hidden Secrets
Nina - from the comic Zonoya's Revenge
Vulkin - from the comic Divinity's Four
Streame - from the comic Divinity's Four
Wisplyn - from the comic Divinity's Four
Terric - from the comic Divinity's Four
Hakon - from the comic A Bittersweet End

Along with Cynder, my version of adult Spyro, Sparx, Fylisha, and Shalone's Layla in the bg. Enjoy this gift to you; deviants, idols, and fellow comic writers.

Spyro, Cynder, Sparx (c) Sierra/Activision
my version of Adult Spyro, Fylisha, Deraius, Komette, Koalle (c) me
Nina, Layla (c) *shaloneSK
Hakon (c) ~Grim09
Cea (c) *SoronaDragon
Stardust (c) ~CynderSpyrolover
Voniic, Lunai (c) ~xSpickeyx
Vulkin, Streame, Wisplyn, and Terric (c) ~SlyNoodles
Phoenus (c) *HolyCross9
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love that commet "dude when you get so many

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hhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!:D it's been too long since I've seen your art. how have you been? are you and you're family still healthy and safe?

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Does anyone know what happened to A Bittersweet End?
I tried to look for it on the creator's page but it seems that I delete it
SighriaDragoness12's avatar
The creator had originally locked it under an 18+ mature content to keep the majority of upset teenagers from rioting over it-- but the adults who worshiped TLoS like a religion were still harassing the artist for the story being so dark. So, it got deleted entirely. There's still art related to it you can find, but the comic pages themselves are gone.
bioshock596's avatar
I never read the comic, but I saw the images and it already gave me an idea of where this story was going and I'm glad I didn't read it at the time, although I didn't expect the harassment but it would make sense since TLOS is the most overrated series of purple dragon.
Once I talked with the creator about the story and once I mentioned it, she went into rage and told me that I would leave her alone and lose respect for her, draw very well, I will not deny it, but as a person it gives something disgusting.
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um i am spyro little brother who has a daughter name aqua with a female dragoness name gara
sgatthewolf's avatar
rattledarkstar the dragon

DarkSpyro951's avatar
Phoenus is my favorite
FireduddYT's avatar
i knew Nina, but because Dark Descendents is reading it was kinda hard to get Phoenus
kurama26's avatar
who is the dragon behind nina?
SighriaDragoness12's avatar
to her left is my character Deraius, to her right is Vulkin whom belongs to SlyNoodles
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Dragons, dragons EVERYWHERE!
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Spyro and Cynder does not actually have children, but Activision can decide it!
Groundrunner100's avatar
Gabrieletheman0's avatar
I know that is precious, but is that they don't actually have actual kids, but Activision in Skylanders can decide if they will have babies/kids
MiketheSergal's avatar
i apologize for my comment i think i posted it a year ago..
wolfie-09's avatar
Spryo and cynder should be proud parents. Nice work
Gronisgodofwar's avatar
Nice :) Spyro is a player
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Omg this is really cute. 
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I guess Spyro and Cynder have been busy. :D (Big Grin) 
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