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I'm intending to keep a consistent, daily streaming schedule on Picarto.

Usually starting around 4- 6pm central America time.

Inking a picture I'm working on.

Resuming stream after realising the show I wanted to watch isn't on today.

Stream's over.

Managed to ink this at least:…

Doin' some colourin'

Stream over.
I did not expect to be so busy this Summer but the last week of family obligations and cleaning have prevented me from drawing much. Regardless I hope everyone is staying safe moving towards to achieving their goals. I aim to keep working towards my goal of improving my art.

For those in the Northern hemisphere, stay cool. For those in the South with me, stay smokin' hot.
Gonna continue some pics or start some new ones.

Stream over due to technical difficulties but I got something done at least. Sort of.
I don't have a set schedule for streaming and I usually tweet about it. However I figured I should start mentioning it here.

Gonna be practicing some colouring.

Stream over.…