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My Bio
--- ID is done by the great :iconksmaggie:. Check her out!---

You may refer to me as Sigfried. Or Z. Or DoomKrakken. :D

I am a busy college student, avid daydreamer, modder and player of Doom/Doom II, and a proud and devout Catholic Christian. Of course I draw. :XD:

As of August 2015, I was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Level 1.

Many see it as a bad thing. But looking back on it, I like being able to see things in a different light. That's one thing I never want to change.

What's it like having Autism?

Some connections that may be obvious to some aren't to me. Conversely, some connections that may come easily to me might not come so easily to others. Therefore, many times I may word things weirdly, sometimes to the point of saying something that has a connotation opposite of what I may have wanted to convey. As a result, I tend to misunderstand and be misunderstood many times.

Speaking of seeing things in a different light... I absolutely LOVE to do just that! I love to re-imagine and see things re-imagined. I embrace it! This is why I love reboots such as the new Star Trek movies and the Loonatics Unleashed cartoon, why I favor fictions about alternate realities, why I created alternate dimensions to some of my fandoms, and why I like to redesign other people's characters.

Feel free to look in my gallery... I dare ya.

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Yes, I am Christian. A Catholic Christian.

Please respect the fact that I believe in God and love Him forever.

Thank you.

Current Residence: The U.S. of A.!
Favorite genre of music: Most kinds of modern music (mainly metal)
Favorite photographer: Peter Parker XD
Favorite style of art: Anime, Twist-Ties
Favorite cartoon character: Got too many of them.

Mah bro: :iconsaintofthedragons:

Dudes I know in real life (besides that guy up there...): :iconmoonfire-shadowracer::iconwavesine::iconbloodthornsilverrose::iconreiperi:

Friends, friends, and MOAR friends: :iconthe-winterrose::iconsoartothesky::iconkyoriangel::icontsakira::iconmiss-desrosiers::icontitanium-pictus::iconashexxxx::iconfarbeneath::iconaesd::iconinesidora::icongretechan::iconkyouseme-arasaki::iconlouise008::icontigerclaw556-0::iconsouls-of-kh::iconmazestantine::iconliepardmon555:

Initial Inspiration:
:iconsaintofthedragons: For getting into art altogether...
:iconinesidora: For inspiring me to join deviantART and expand my horizons.

Favourite Visual Artist
Wholly kau... XD I've too many at the moment... STTSTexture, my brother, Monty Oum... GammaEta... PillowBlaster... so many to choose from!
Favourite Movies
SING!, Kubo and the Two Strings, the Despicable Me franchise, Bee Movie, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice
Favourite TV Shows
Does RWBY count? XD Then there's Young Justice, One Punch Man, and a whole smattering of DC-related stuff... :D
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Apocalyptica, Killswitch Engage, I The Breather,
Favourite Books
Revelations, several kinds of reference art books, etc.
Favourite Writers
No idea.
Favourite Games
Doom. With a bit of Killing Floor (2). I don't play much else, admittedly... XD
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Hands, twist-ties, pencil, paper, brain, vivid imagination, computer, etc.
Other Interests
Brain-dumping, reimagining, redesigning, avid girlfriend-searching. XD
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Well... it's been a long time since I even glimpsed back here at my deviantART account. XD Lots of stuff had been going down this past year... most notably, schoolwork, development of my very own Doom mod, and a nasty car accident.  Yet, I've still found the time to draw... but not really much time to upload here. I've all but left deviantART, now that I'm primarily on Discord.  And I've been showing off my art there, a lot... especially the drawings I hadn't uploaded here. I had been trying my hardest to come back here to at least let people know what's been going on these past several months... but it took a while. Either way, I will te
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Can it really be 7 years... if I was inactive for one of those years? XD I've been lurking around here for about a year, but not really doing anything.  Here, that is. Out there, I've been active with a couple of other projects. Almost one year ago, I began development for a Doom mod that would aim to faithfully recreate the weapon behaviors, items, and upgrade systems that were present in DOOM.  I call it Embers Of Armageddon.  It's given me a lot of experience with digital editing, and with the new language that came out recently for GZDoom, called ZScript. :D I'm still working on it, and expect to complete a closed alpha of the project
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Goodness gravy, my deviantART's anniversary keeps creeping past me... (which means I don't remember to draw a special piece to celebrate the occasion... until it's too late... :XD:) Yep, I've been here 6 years, now. :D - Sigfried
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Demons tell Doomguy stories to keep their kids in line.

With what I said about separate ammo stuff: I handle having multiple ammo types on 1 spawner by using the same system Hexen does for the big mana item. The pickup is handled the same as Brutal Doom.
I saw a video recently of Blake Belladonna being unable to get out of a box because her butt was stuck.
To be fair, she is a cat. Even lions are lured by boxes.
1 Youtuber put it best about The Plutonia Experiment: the map designers knew the strengths & weaknesses of each enemy type when it came to level design, & how to use the strengths to best fuck the player over.
I should point out 1 of my characters has her specials based on HXRTC.