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trick and treat

there you go XD halloween piece done. and now back to work with me.

a fan made a similar thing some time ago so you could say this is a continuation of sorts? XD lol now they have too much candy so they have to give some away XD

BloodStain Halloween fanart by OlwenArt
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Gods....what a smile.....and a great costume too....!

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I love the artwork, you truly are a talent...but I have to say it. Don't shoot me.

The candy looks like a bowl of beans ok bye
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that fine, did you never have a bowl of those rock hard colorful candy? I did. ^^
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Ooooh, ok that makes WAY more sense. I guess I just got so used to seeing candy drawn as those colorful swirled wrappers and chocolate bars. I didn't even think about those kind of candies. But yeah I've had those ; )
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Oh my gosh.. I would be scared. Lol. 
Glad to see Halloween has taken off so well in Europe, lol.
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lol funny enough in europe we have full 2 months of masquerade, we don't need one night of it, but yknow.. we'll make up any reason to drink and celebrate XD
Come to New Orleans sometime :)
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XD that is great
Heh, heh, heh.

And what a dress!
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That is a fun way to do halloween.
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Not that I jump out at anyone trying to trick-or-treat my place... or anything...
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The weird tentacle dude right
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I can't disagree with Vlad's logic.
love their expressions and their costumes...though, knowing them, at least one isn't a costume.   (blooooooooooood)  :)
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You know... he does have a point. It's a Risk/Reward system...
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Vlad has some OTP costume there! : D
Love it <3
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I like Vlad's way of thinking.
The-Honest-John's avatar
I like that guy's reasoning.
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sounds like legit reasoning to me XD
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I can't get enough of these two :dignity-laugh: 
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