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pw episode 12 part 2

By sigeel
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it's Christmas in July!! ;D

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Uh-oh, is he really gonna show her that river? :O Also, you forgot a "t" in the "It is not listening to me" part. And I'm greatly enjoying this comic. :)

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The nerd has an idea!

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hades, my man, my mate, my misunderstood over worked goth daddy. now may not be the best time to put the moves on you main squise.

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YEAY!!! New episode!!!!

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The light is amazing in your comics, and of course love the story

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No you don't. Not that river. Never that river.

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Hades: If you have any better ideas I'm open for suggestions!

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Woohooo 🥳 I LOVE THIS!!!! YASSSSSSSS!!!!

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Oh gosh... don't tell me it's the Styx XD

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Can we have a picture of just Wow face, sticking her young out....asking for me..
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Nice one.

"Neccercerly" needs to be changed to "necessarily", though.

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Just don't fuck up the afterlife Hades, please. Stix and stones may break my bones.... oh wait...... :rofl:

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Hades be like, I know a place.

Then take you to the river Styx.

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Remember: driving while sleepy can be just as dangerous as driving under the influence

TheMoreYouKnow Shooting Star Emoji

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HIS job isn't boring any more.

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OMG, bwahahahahahaha!!!! I laughed the whole way through this update. Fabulous art, and the comedic timing...excellent. Oh, Hades....*snort*

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Have adored your art work since my fiance introduced them to me!! xx

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I really love your story!!! It's really amazing and the drawing stuning!!!

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Please let it be the Styx/Stige

It has to be

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As long as it's not the Lethe (Forgetfulness) or Phlegethon (Fire!) they should be fine.

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Why do I have a feeling that Demeter won't accept this answer?

1. "Your daughter was lured into a trap by my brother who wanted to help my sorry ass because I am too shy to ask for her hand, and I couldn't drive this chariot, and then we ran into Helios - quite literally, Eos is the witness for it -, and then we got caught on fire, so we had to land somewhere in some water because the vegetation was dry you see, but it was lush and then I remembered that in such a case there must me underground water, and see, I do happen to have some underground rivers, so we took a turn for it..."

2. "I love your daughter so I kidnapped her to make her mine."

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Aaand, here come the abduction!

I think that Hades is even trickier than Zeus =P

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Hades my man, dropping facts and knowledge even on the worst situations lol

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