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pw ep 15 a relative perspective

By sigeel
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Oedipus, for a clever dude who solved the sphynx riddle you sure can make some dumb comparisons xD

I have a feeling I'm gonna get a lot of questions for this episode xD……
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There is no link
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He did have quite the complex.

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Oh, Seph, what did you dooooo?????

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"We are not like you, we are pure energy."

Skip 3000 years and some bastard on Earth makes a Covenant with The End Of The Cycle.

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We love a good hubris.

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Speedpainting : Sigmund Charon

Just after discovering your last artwork, I made this fanart. Thank you sooo much for the laught, Mrs Sigeel!

Still, I had another idea, with Charon asking all of the videogames action heroes (Kratos and Dante from Dante's Interfno), where Charon is a bad semi boss and not just the ferryman of the Styx, and asking these violent characters to calm down and not to attack ;-)

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LOOOOL that is amazing!! thank you so much!!!<3

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Ha ha ha, I just took 15 minutes to transform Freud into your Charon... You made the whole page with the crunchy lines and the research about the peculiar appearance of Charon.

"Repay to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to the Gods what belongs to the Gods" =P

Anyway, I very much enjoyed this last entry in your story, please continue to interest and amaze me (yeah, this sentence looks very selfish, I know ^^)

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By accident I found your AMAZING comic strip!

Totally loved it! X3 Every detailed is so careully thought about it's just capturating in every sense! And your characters! It does look you spent serious time in their design!

XD Oedipus... talkin about his mom complex XD I wonder how is Persephone going to react when she realizes who actually is Hades... would love to see both of them in their true form >w<

Hey are you going to mention Leuce or Minthe? Hahaha would love to see a jealous Persephone.... just saying (wink wink). although probably if that was the case we would have an annoyning Demeter telling her "See?!?! I told you so!" -_-*

Oh please please continue!!!! X3

hugs n kisses from Mexico's caribbean ;D

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I love this. Not only for the humor in the way it started out, but especially for the way you nailed the instant overreaction to a mortal making any comment that even hints of comparing himself to the gods. That's pretty much a hallmark of the Greek pantheon, right up there with Zeus being a tramp. It's just not as well-known, which is why I'm thrilled to see you included it.

Plus, you explained the whole the-Greek-gods-commit-incest thing in a logical and wholesome way. Kinda hard to feel icked by a technically incestual attraction between nebulous balls of elemental energy. Great storytelling. Every single strip you make seems to have some juicy bit of world building or sign you did your research.

I also loved the lack of judgment in Charon. It's a nice change from "abandon hope all ye who enter here." Really establishes a good atmosphere for the underworld.

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That is the manliest beard I've ever seen... or is it?

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Did charon lost his beard for a moment there?

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Yeah, the biggest problem with the Greek Pantheon was they alternated be being absentee and helicopter parents and having no desire or ability to emphasize with the mortals they created, with notable exceptions. But I do still love that mythology, dang it.

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I kept thinking the boatman was a woman with a fake beard of.

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coincidently, yes. Charon is a woman with a fake beard in my story.

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HAHA LOL I can’t wait to find out why!

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After all, greek/roman gods are what people can't or aren't brave enough to do

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oh no! what happens next?

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translation: shut up and stop bringing up the incest part of all this.

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It's either "await me" or "wait for me".

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Two things I always took away from the play of Oedipus Rex. One, folks got busy with having kids as soon as a girl would bleed. Two, Oedipus was a mentally weak and superstitious man.

I'd have completely dismissed the Delphi Oracles "prophecy" and kept smashing Queen Jocasta. Just banging out even more kids knowing I'd never take up arms against my father, King Polybus, or marry my mother, his wife, Queen Merope. And I'd do it purely out of contempt for the Oracles false prophecy.

Also, why isn't Jocasta with him in the boat? I mean, didn't she die too?

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Yes, but in most versions of the story long before him.

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XD I love it!

I adore how it *appears* to get some what dramatic, or serious, and yet something happens that just blows it out of the water and makes you smile. xD

I also *adore* how you draw the gods, <3 they are all so lovely!!

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