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bloodstain chapter 3 pdf

aand its done!! enjoy!! *collapses*

I can finally get some sleep now... and I mean like.. healthy 7 hours, and hopefully not invaded by intense exhausting dreams. (which is prolly too much to ask.. so I'll take what i can get XD)

I intend to re-draw the cover image which is why I never uploaded this version to the ch3 folder.
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i created an account on this page just to support this comic, keep the great work!

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I've read all 3 chapters and i can say... *wheeze* i want more and i love it ;w;
The characters are so likeable like... i can't believe. And i laughed so hard 'cause of it. 
Even if Elly is a female character she wasn't annoying at all for me. I love those three as hell. 
Can't wait for 4th chapter! 
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thank you so much! :)
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i really want to buy you this comic printed TT__TT <3 <3 <3
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thank you very much, you definitly can if you want to, all 3 volumes are out in print :)
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Yes! Woohoo!!!
And also: Please take good care of your healt. Stay the awesome Artist that you are. 
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*Peers closely* Yup, Vlad's a drooler!
Oh, that is good.
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Crazy to think so much work fits into 18MB
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Hey sigeel, I think that's a typo during Vlad and Serge talk, at the phrase: "Well, she went though a load of trouble to get here". Shouldn't it be "through"? Sorry if I am wrong, not a native speaker :(

And OH GOD rereading this chapter feels just like reading it for the first time! *_* 
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don't worry about those, this still hasn't gone through the editor.
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Awesome job! It's such a pleasure to read your comic! 
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thank you so much :)
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LOVE IT!!! I actually have a copy of it already pre-ordered, and I can't wait for it to come!
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Awesome, Off to pre order a physical copy I go.  ^_^
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thank you very much! :)
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Digging this so much. Can't wait till the next issue.
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Eeeeee!!!!  Yay yay yay!
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ooohhh...this is what good story-telling looks like... i thought it had gone extinct shortly after 'original IP' got shot in the head with a 30mm sequel cannon
can u and nebezial just take over the comic-book industry? thanks id really appreciate it :happybounce: 
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Linda, I did in fact cry a little bit at that last page. Good job!
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glad you liked it :D
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