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this was an image I drew for the Clip Studio Paint contest titled "glasses" 
I have never worked in that program before but since I liked the theme I decided to give it a go :)
Special thanks to DLMayo for forwarding the contest to me :)

It was a nice challenge working in a new program. I have to admit I like it a lot.
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"Miss Tores, what am I looking at?"

"Boss, you're looking at the dumpster-fire that is the beginning of the 2020's."

"Oh. Perkele."

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this would make a great cover for one of the books
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The shadow gives him a beard. :D
nice to see them again.
(fun to re-visit)
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._. Something is on fire, isn't? 
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Hahahaha! So nice expression!
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Elly: "LOOK!"

Vlad: "Wha̕t t͏h̨ę b̕a̛l͠ls͏? ͏I̸t͟'͞s ̷l̸i̸ke..͏.҉.̕ an̶ ͏e̶v̨e̸r shif҉t̷i͠ng̕ im҉a͏ge o̡f th̸ou͠san̕ds͘ ͘of ́f͝aces.̷..̨..͠ an͜d͜ ̧wh͏at's͠ wit͡h̷ t͏h̷is bòr̨d́ȩr͞ aro̡u̶n͝d ̨it̴?͟ ́i̧t's ͞l͘i̸ke͢ ̀ą.̧.̢..̧.̢ ̴gr͡een҉is̀h.́... g͢rey͢?"

Elly: "Yeah! It's like a little floating screen that just seems to pop into existence. i think it's watching our lives!

Vlad: "
It ͜j̛us̛t͟..̡..̶ po̸ps͘ ̴i̢ǹt͝o ̴exi͝ste͞nce͜? ̸At r͢aǹdo̧m mome̕n͡t҉ş?"

Elly: "I think it takes pictures of us!"

Vlad: "
i̵t ́t҉ake͜s͘ ̛st͡ill̡ p̛hoto̕gr̀a͝ph̛ş o̸f r̨a͠n̵d͜om ̧p̕rogr͘ess͢ive in͜st҉a̸nçe͡s ̛o̢f̢ o̷ur̷ l҉ives an̵d ̀i̛nt̶er͢a͡ctio͏ns͟? Wh͠at̵ ҉th͡e ̴heļl̕ for?͢"

Elly:"..... Are..... Are we a comic book!?!"
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That is probably the best example of breaking the 4th wall I've seen, and I've got copies of Blazing Saddles and the Deadpool movie!
Open your eyes!

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"What's that? Pitchforks and burning brands?!? THEY'VE COME FOR ME! RAISE THE DRAWBRIDGE!!!"
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[The only possible conclusion of offending someone on Tumblr]
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May I have you opinion on comics art, please? 

I had problems with one professor because I said that each comics unity (a strip, one page or two pages of a comic book) has a central idea, or theme; and that an artist can make use of a page format and layout to convey and/or highlight that central idea.

She said that I was wrong but she does not understand anything about comics. May I have your opinion on the issue? In this page of Blood Stain, for example,…

I think the main theme, or the main point you wanted to highlight (by skilled use of format/layout/art) is our heroine’s awe and confusion. Is that correct? Thanks. 

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Me when u put on glasses for the first time. for the next two weeks I would look with wonder at everything. the world was so amazing and i had no idea!! 
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Are you considering switching from Photoshop CS3 to Clip Studio Paint now?
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not likely, but its nice to try out additional programs.
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They dont have my brand. i have special eyes.
LOOK! Look with your special eyes!
My brand!
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Darn you beat me too it lol 
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I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves and remembers that commercial. 
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i wear glasses myself. i can never forget that commercial lol
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its a good commercial
dreamsborninfire's avatar
just like the wendy's ranch commercial 
Salvistrations's avatar
i think i missed that one. show me?
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