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Blood Stain chapter 1 pdf

because of.. reasons.  *whistles innocently*

 vol2 here: Blood Stain ch2 pdf by sigeel

wanna continue reading? next page:  34 blackout by sigeel
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So what is Dr. Vlad working on as a scientist? Besides being a teacher.
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¡Ojalá estuviera publicado en papel y traducido!
Sunstone sí lo he podido conseguir en papel ;)
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What fonts did you use?
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Yeah. Nothing police investigation worthy here, right guys? Just a normal job! A...clean...normal...innocent job.
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first chapter and I'm hooked! great story and great illustration, panels and everything. in short great execution!!
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thank you very much! glad you enjoyed it :)
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glad you like it :D
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one of my fav webcomics 
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thank you very much :)
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Oh My God! this is fantastic!

I need more! La la la la :happybounce: 
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now that was something else...
I am a chemistry major struggling to find a place to do my phd, I have brown curly hair and the same kind of thinking pattern and face expressions ac the main character... also, my best friend is blond and getting married soon (because she wants to have kids) and has a perfectly planned out life. Also, my bf loves to make notes to himself--
this was like reading a creepypasta about my life :D
watch and fave.
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I did not stalk you to write a story of your life, I swear XD
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XD it's something
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Sorry, but when it could be available in France please ?
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i think it's available anywhere by now. 
Yes in english, but in french ? Do you think, one day, this work will be translated ? (sorry for my english...)
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I don't know. I think it all depends on the sales and fame :/
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This is so great!!! I'm literally crying! Thank You!!!!
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ok im going to buy all of ya stuff i can get my hands on. dont know why i havent seen or notice ya stuff efore
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