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BS4 ep 92 music (pages 89-92)


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vlad the disney princess XD

previous:  BS4 ep 91 home (p3) (pages 86-88) by sigeel
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I guess bismuth with an atomic mass of 208.980 counts as a heavy metal.

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its also very edgy XD


Now I wish I knew more about the alloys of bismouth. :)

Is there a place we can get Black Bismuth music for real or is that too much of a fantasy?

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its a made up band XD

Damn. Those were good lyrics. I was hoping it was real.

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Maybe he's dead after all :'D

Just before we saw him snoring, I was worried.

HA! :)

and the slim little bit at the bottom of the comic is the ONLY work safe images from Sunstone. :P

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Vlad and his hobo look. XD

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That's precious. Him and his crow buddies on a bench. I'm glad Elly is having fun.

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How much time did he spend there? I hope he didn't miss any class.

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He wasn't there pre-call, so not much. Probably fell asleep on an instant when his bottom hit the bench.

I have a weird feeling that the crows are simply used to his presence. :D

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This man sure works too much

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Awww look he made some friends and they're 'protecting' him XD hehehehe

Love Elly and Vlad - I could use people like them in my real life.

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Some people attract doves. Not Vlad. LOL

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Another crossover moment - also Vlad surrounded by crows - could it be a Death Vigil reference or is it just my imagination grasping at connections because you and Stjepan write such infinitely interesting graphic novels? Whatever it is - I'll enjoy reading more. Thanks for sharing more Blood Stain.

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can't wait for your 2 comics to overlap more and more, gonna be really interesting!

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I'm getting low... all I can afford is Quartz...☹️

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I love how your stories all sort of cross over. It's like your own Multiverse.

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"Who in their right mind puts a heart-attack riff as their ringtone?" made me laugh. Because given everything we've seen about Vlad thus far...well, it fits him to a T. He's definitely in the "work hard, drive fast, play hard" category.

Nice tie-in, cameo, what-have-you.

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Good thing he sleeps BEFORE he gets into the driving seat. The crows make it look slightly unsettling though.

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