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BS4 ep 89 arrangement (pages 71 72 73)

weekly updates? XD don't get used to it, this is a special celebration month ;)


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Hahaha, this is brilliant !

Now she's asking the right questions!

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Don't let me hang like this!

I caught a video of Geoff Castellucci on YouTube and I thought instantly of Dr. Stein. This guy has the hair (ok he's blondish but they make hair dye) and boy does he have the voice.

MicheaB's avatar

First thought in my head on her question: Something to do with watermelon.

Luckysweep's avatar

Apparently it's going to be unique in that you're actually going to be paid!

I thought she was part of his grant.

And what about the house?

And do I here suspicious music in the background? :)

orion-hunter's avatar

Glad to see my favourite lab assistant and her quirky boss again. These two are always fun to watch

Aaaaaah.. Communication, such a wonderful thing. Really though, it is so nice to see them talking with each other so openly and honestly. I am really glad this story has started up again.

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I don't think the favour is gonna be what she thinks it is.

NRGPreview's avatar

That's a fair question on Elly's part.

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Excellent question at the end ! (special arrangement in the form of a ring in a few yars ? If so, I bet she'd remember this conversation then !)

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You get room and board Elliot, or do you?

Time will tell what Bludstein has in store for you...

Doubt it'll be nefarious, but you won't like it as it likely will diminish your income.

Just realised that Bludstein hasn't explained the house situation, it's very hard for a single man, even when working two jobs (one which is as a university professor, who aren't famous for their high pay) and pushing forty (time to save up) doesn't explain the mansion he lives in. Unless it's an old murder house that he got for cheap.

Also, his claim that he knows how to budget, seems to contradict his love for exotic fastfood (deepfried ketchup chicken legs), which wouldn't come cheap either, since the place has to make them especially for him, and then at those quntities.

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chicken feet are not an exotic cousine where they live so its pretty cheap XD

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Old murder house, or inheritance I suppose...

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"I need a new comb design. Always throwing the same black color one to the window seems bland nowadays."

flameburst93's avatar

"No, I mean here. You are technically employed by the university as my TA."

Knight-Watcher's avatar

Her points and his counterpoints - the visuals contrasts each.

This sort of conversation was eventually going to happen - maybe not exactly in this way or with this exact dialogue - but eventually they were going to have to talk openly about what exactly is going on - if only to ensure that two of them could actually communicate clearly.

Elly's imagining of the cleaning lady is imagining a fancy attired young woman whereas Vlad's actual cleaning lady is an older woman found to be practically attired.

So for Vlad's there no expensive hobbies, no expensive cars, no romantic entanglements, essentially nothing that could be a source of needing him to be concerned with maintaining a steady high amount of income. As for having a friend who is a skilled chef - well make an arrangement -provide a place to stay for the chef and the chef's partner, a woman who's willing to help him with various sorts of cleaning - make another arrangement - do something specific for her in return for her services.

An assistant - give her substantial employment, a place of residence, some necessary equipment and tools for assisting purposes - so she's doing upkeep on the lab, keeping the lab well organized, and other assistant related work. Still is what we have seen Elly do far fulfill her part of her arrangement with Vlad or there's more to be explored for this arrangement - well I am leaning toward we still do not have the whole story so far in many aspects.

I am expecting new angles and avenues to emerge as the story further progresses.

Daniel-Gleebits's avatar

Vlad: Well you see, I'm glad you were the one to bring it up.

rainshadoweffect's avatar

"I need a healer"

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When Vlad isn't zombiefied from lack of sleep he seems like a pretty socially adjusted, sensible person, who would've thought :D

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A bachelor who makes living in a mansion work by budgeting and performing favors for favors from friends? Is this a mad scientist or a character from DnD?

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Haha, Vlad's mind is like mine regarding sleep!

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