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86 (2/3) a game of tennis
By sigeel   |   Watch
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Published: April 15, 2019
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phew.. this one took longer than I expected. 
No idea why the angry yelling is always much harder for me to draw than normal talking XD It's not like it's hard to draw... it's just.. boring to me XD my focus gets lost easily.

last part in 3 weeks

:bulletred: please download for the full view. :bulletred:

*deviantart made a change in the upload system where if any file longer than 3k pixels will be shrunken down to incredibly small size. You can no longer fullview anything on this site no matter how big I upload.*      <----this no longer seems to be the case, but if you still experience it on occasion, use the download button.

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chapter 1:…
chapter 2:…
chapter 3:…

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Well, since we're taking about honesty here, let's be honest then! :D  Now a certain Billy Joel song is in  my head....…
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AmaranthineRain General Artist
Yusss I was wondering when they'd get to the communication bit :D
Oh, come on, Vlad. You're creepy. You didn't explain her job very thoroughly and she has little idea of what's expected of her. Plus, you behave an awful lot like a blood-deprived vampire when you're...sleep deprived.
Although, Elly assumes a whole lot, too. Clarify, girl! Also, might be a good idea to...put away the pepper spray. Neither Vlad or Serge have made any kind of move deserving of it since you've been there.
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YikYikHobbyist Traditional Artist
Finally they're talking to each other! :laughing: Sort of! :D 
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AskNightstormAndOCs Digital Artist

what is he 6 feet? 7 feet? 8 feet?

sigeel's avatar
sigeelProfessional Digital Artist
type in google and found out?This comic is placed in Europe they measure everything in meters ^^
AskNightstormAndOCs's avatar
AskNightstormAndOCs Digital Artist

dude he's tall!

sigeel's avatar
sigeelProfessional Digital Artist
yup XD
AskNightstormAndOCs's avatar
AskNightstormAndOCs Digital Artist

his nickname is Brachiosaurus

Chasstity's avatar

I bet their kids will be like hiperactive velociraptors on sugar.
estump's avatar
estumpHobbyist General Artist
BOOM!  And it's out there on the table.  Can't wait to see if he gives up and apologizes or she realizes what a paranoid harpy she's been.  Fess up to your ketchup fetish and tendencies to be Messy Marvin.
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Damn Serge, when you tossed them in the deep end to finally deal with each other, we didn't know you chained them both to a 5 ton buoy sinker....&nbsp;&nbsp;
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JRBeelerHobbyist Photographer
This is one of my favorite cartoons.  I'm looking forward to more.
Afrigincoolusername's avatar
Ah. Can you smell it? The scent of backstory in the air...
AskNightstormAndOCs's avatar
AskNightstormAndOCs Digital Artist

*weird sniffs* yes I smell the rich scent of BACKSTORY

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KhimarantielHobbyist Traditional Artist
I was so thrilled to see this confrontation! What impresses me most I think is that I don't often see the guy's point of view having to endure someone tiptoeing around them and acting like they're going to bite or something. I mean, clearly Vlad is being creepy, but he's too stressed and tired to manage his creep factor and having to deal with Elly's reactions add even more stress. I don't often see guys in stories who don't WANT to be intimidating. Often, the point is to be intimidating, or the angle is "Big, lovable dork who doesn't know his own strength but is a teddy bear". Vlad is such a unique character with a fresh new perspective.
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shonasofHobbyist Digital Artist
Explosion of words!!! *munches on popcorn* More, please?
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SalvistrationsProfessional Digital Artist
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SnRaijuuHobbyist Digital Artist
I need more lungs to handle all this laughter. AND DRAMA!!! It's only the 6th frame and I'm dying. 
I sooo want to make a video and lay a sound and music on it XD you know, that music from The Good The Bad and The Dirty, it fits PERFECTLY XD
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jebestStudent General Artist
this is going along very well
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ahh yes. getting it all out in the open.  so cathartic
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ErulastielHobbyist Digital Artist

Shit's going down son!

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kmkibble75Hobbyist General Artist
I love the expressions you draw for these two...
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Go, go, Elly! Someone has to teach that self-complacent prick! :D :D
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