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I tried to fight them off as best as I could. I killed perhaps three of them. But now here I am cornered by their leader. His blade sticking into my body. It hasn't pierced it yet. But why is he just staring at me? Is he going to kill me or not? I can't tell for sure but from the look in his eyes, I think he sees something in me. But what? What does he plan on doing to me?
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:iconvikingwarplx: Vikings Rule! :iconvikingwarplx:

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The coloring of the armor speaks for itself, wonderful work !!
I like the image, it has a look of the Allfather or looks like Tyr
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This is really fantastic, very nice work
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Love stance really makes the picture feel menacing!
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I wouldn't like to be on the ther side of his sword.
Great work, aye.
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great realisation !
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you're welcome !
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Wow. Looks really cool. A stunning image with the detail and colouring. :)
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Horned helmets may be impractical, but they make you more badass. A fair trade IMO :P
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wow! this is awesome.
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I really like the perspective, and the way you textured the hair and fur is amazing.
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Thank you very much!
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Cool! I like the texure of the fur, that lighting is awesome too. And great perspective.
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