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The world serpent


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Jörmungandr, or the world serpent from the norse mythology attacking a viking longship far out in the deep and stormful sea.
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Poetry as promised:

The Legend of Narwhale

by joey racano

The Nordic seas roiled with a hate for the Viking

Black waters boiled not much to my liking

Lashed to their oars sat a hundred strong row men

Low in the sky the red moon was an omen

Down below decks and in chain kept the wenches

Merciful rains washed us clean of foul stenches

Nary a star to be found in the sky

All navigation thus blind to the eye

Barrels of lard rolling oe’r the side

Spread ‘cross the swells as though something had died

Sharks oceanic did gather to feast

When lookout at starboard was first saw the beast

He of the criss-crossing armor plate scales

Poisonous barbs at the end of three tails

Tentacles suckers come sneaking aboard

Dragging men back down to their briny lord

Serpentine kraken to bulkhead held fast

Finally snapping the ship’s central mast

Slurping the crewmembers one and by one

Wenches below prayed out loud for the sun

Master at arms raised a harpoon on high

Aiming to thrust iron barb to the eye

Hurling with force striking flush on the horn

That’s how the legend of Narwhale was born

Joseph John Racano

*Another installment in the ‘Poetry of Dragons’ collection

Poetry of Dragons


Artwork by: SigBjorn Pederson