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Dragon attack

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T-shirt I own: "Meddle not in the affairs of Dragons, for you are tasty and good with ketchup."  :)
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"One day... One day, we will kill them all."

--- Human survivor, who lost all his family to a dragon's destruction of his city, and whose descendants will become the first of the dragon slayers.
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Damn those humans to hell. I'd love to see artwork of a dragon slayer being slain by a dragon. Ah, the irony.
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done man and thanks
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I said its okay to redraw it, not use my painting with just a filter thats not redrawn. you need to delete that.
paradocks1's avatar
Dude I trace paint no filter in here it two weeks I am not taking it down I worked to hard
SigbjornPedersen's avatar
I can tell whats done with filters and whats painted, you think im dumb? Remove it. You dont have any permission to this, or any other artwork of mine again.
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you must be i don't have the money to buy filters

two i am not takeing it off i worked to hard on that and for you to accuse me of such debauchery is insane.

i am just as good as an artise as you if you think what i done is wrong then i bid you fair well and i wished our path would never me again!

*he says as he tears up*

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Its not for you to decide, it will be removed.
I have already filed a DMCA takedown notice.
End of discussion.
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fine smash the art i worked hard on but remeber this what come aroung goes aroung 10X
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Dude do you care if I redraw this its soon cool
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Hello, go ahead, I dont mind that you redraw it, as long as you credit me for the original painting:)
SigbjornPedersen's avatar
Yeah I can see that its not hard to see, yeah im gonna have that removed thanks for letting me know.
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Thanks for being cool man
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Excellent work!
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I love you how did the flames. It's so well done. I love all the details down to his face and horns.
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holy smokes! This is Awesome! I am a dummy!
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So epic! This is amazing beyond words!
SigbjornPedersen's avatar
Thank you very much!
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Awesome! Fantastic colours and great rendition of a dragon!
SigbjornPedersen's avatar
Thank you very much!
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