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From now on all vertical sigs go to Other Graphics folder.
No max dimension restriction required in order to submit.

For more info read (recommended) our BIBLE.

More Journal Entries

Sig-Zap Bible (Sig-Zap Rules)

:bulletred: If you're unhappy with the level your signature was placed in, or you simply want some CnC, leave a comment or send the group a note! We will give a full and detailed CnC free of charge!

:bulletred:Affiliation Policy: Groups wishing to affiliate are required to have their theme be digital graphics related (signatures, tags, any Photoshop/GIMP related work etc.) OR must accept digital graphics when they are submitted to their group.



1. Please put the resources (renders, stocks, tutorials) in their respective folders or it will be declined.

:bulletblue: Signatures go to FEATURED
:bulletblue: Tags go to TAG WALLS
:bulletblue: Sig Tutorials go to SIGNATURE TUTORIALS
:bulletblue: Renders go to RENDERS
:bulletblue: Stock Pics go to STOCK PICTURES
:bulletblue: Brushes/Fonts/PSD/Patterns/Gradients go to OTHER RESOURCES

In addition to this, please only submit your best work(s).

Horisontal sigs: max 500x250
Vertical sigs: max 275x400 ---> Other Graphics

3. Respect your fellow members. Showing outright disrespect on our page will result in a block from our group, a removal of your art from our galleries, and a possible report to dA.

4. Racist, discriminating and/or offensive blog entries will result in a warning or possibly an immediate ban! Please note that I must accept the blog entries before they are submitted to Sig Zap so don't be a smart-ass and break the rules.

5. When suggesting favorites please try to add only Sigs, Stock Pictures, Brushes, PSD's (see point 1 for more info). Suggestions other than those are rejected. Favorites section closed until further notice.

6. When commenting on the page or submitting a blog please write in English ONLY as this is the universal group language. Or you could talk in your native language but please add a translation in English below the text. Any blog entrie(s) with non-English text or no proper English translation will be declined.

7. ALL members are accepted to this group, so donīt bother on making an acceptance text. Simply click "Join Group".

8. When criticizing please abide yourself from useless comments like "Eww it sux ass" Instead, try to provide a constructing view of the piece and indicate the errors and how the member can improve.

9. Pieces portraying nudity will ONLY be accepted if there is a filter on it. If you happen to see an accepted deviation in the group containing nudity with no filter, then please report it to ReapingGFX or Mistic-Gohan with a link to the deviation so that we may take care of it.

10. A great feature of our group is that signatures submitted are organized into three different categories.
These include:

- 1.Beginner
- 2.Intermediate
- 3.Advanced

Please note you do NOT have to worry about categorizing your signature. The staff will take care of this for you :). REMEMBER, all sigs/tags go to FEATURED!

In addition to this, please DO NOT be offended if you think your signature deserves a higher rank. The team will carefully review the signature, and
place it in it's correct category to our best judgment.
If it bothers you, or you simply wan't some CnC, don't hesitate to send us a note or leave a comment on the page, we will gladly give you the reason why we placed it where we placed it.

~The Sig-Zap Staff




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ReapingGFX Featured By Owner Edited Jan 23, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow. I can't believe I remembered my DA login!
Good times with this group. Looking back, I'm glad it was 90% positive, constructive growth and 10% having to deal with disgruntled members hahaha!
Love you all and I hope everyone is doing okay during these difficult times!
Peace <3

Edit: Just noticed we've had about 25-30 new members since I posted that the group is dead. Even someone as early as 2020!!!
It's awesome to see that the GFX community is still alive!
n2n44 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2020
4th Of July Usa Flyer Party by n2n44  
ReapingGFX Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Group is fucked. The last co-founder left before promoting me so now no one can do anything in the admin area.

Sorry guys. Dead group unless Darius reactivates his account which is probably never going to happen.
Rockincola Featured By Owner Edited Aug 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Just wondering why my siggy was declined. Thank you.…
Mistic-Gohan Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Sig dimension size.
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