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Pretty brutal that she might not just shoot you, but she’ll beat you to death with a metal rod?
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KyleShepard313 why are you so bitch?!! Just remember once and for all:
1). Krystal IS NOT tough.
2). She IS NOT fearless, not even close.
3). Her experience is overrated.
4). I would NOT be scared even if she pissed off.
5). She CANNOT hurt me much.
6). I COULD simply break her neck.
7). I CAN dodge her attacks.
8). She isn't flexible, fast and reactive enough.
9). She is dumb.
10). I WOULD just tie her up and tickle her to death.
Also, this is just a game!!! Do you really believe that she is exist?!! You are asshole. And she ruined the series. Idiots claims that she is underrated but the truth is she is OVERRATED. She is bitch!!!