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Temple corridor

Corridor of pillars in Cambodian temple ruins.

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holy crap is this real!? Is this hall really that long? amazing take with your camera man, love it!
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Well yes it is quite real.  Although in the interests of full clarity the perspective is something of a lie.  The way I've taken it you might think it was a high corridor for walking down but it was really a low, maybe 1 meter high stone corridor that was supporting a long walkway leading out to a temple.  In the wet season all of that ground would be covered in water I suspect.

And so as it's not as high as it appears neither is it as long ( though it was still bloody long).
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1 meter? guessing you had to squeeze your camera to fit there! in any case, true that the perspective of something like this can be deceiving, who am i kidding, I'm no photographer, but brilliant eye you have for fooling my own :))
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my camera isn't that big lol

I had to squeeze myself a little to fit in there though :)
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Very pretty. I love the perspective view. Nicely done!
Metamorphosized72's avatar
Great use of a vanishing point!
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This is just Great and I've been looking for ages of a similar view of an old corridor temple.
In case I want to use it as reference for a painting do I need to buy it? For sure, I'll credit your original work.
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If it's a painting to be used in any way commercially then yeah, I'd ask you to purchase a stock license, they are only a few dollars :) But if it's just for personal use, or to display here then a credit and a link back to the image here is fine. If you use it anywhere else please link to my website: [link]

- Ben
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I don't have words :blowkiss:
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Awesome. I mean, really.
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Another incredible image...
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Is this really, real?

Amazing building, amazing shot.

Some PS work, for example some watercolour or something like that or all the textures are real?

Is it HDRI?

thank you for sharing your work.
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Yes and no. Yes this is a real place and this image has NOT been heavily photoshoped, this is pretty much just what it looks like in real life. However it's actually only about 3 foot tall and is the space under a long footbride leading up to temple ruins, so it's nowhere near as grand as this cropping suggests.
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Many thanks :)
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Cheers for the feature :)
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Really great shot. It must of been fun seeing such a place! Keep up the great work!
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do you know the name of this place? i would really want to find this place in the future
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Angkor wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia.
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Oh, wow. Perhaps I should visit Cambodia at some stage.
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