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Crystal Dreams in Motion

Model: [link]
Image details
Image size
930x533px 95.33 KB
Canon EOS 5D
Shutter Speed
1/160 second
Focal Length
100 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Feb 7, 2007, 2:48:59 PM
Published:   |  Mature
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Stashenjka's avatar
stunning movement and contrast,adore it :aww:
iceofwolf's avatar
Nothing special to say except simply that I adore this model. She has great energy, nipples and personality, and I hope you work with her again.
sifu's avatar
Unfortunately she's more or less retired (that's retired, not retarded :P)
michaelcelliers's avatar
it's great, i love the way the hair has been captured :D keep it up!
b2spiritcat's avatar
:heart: You have been featured here [link] :heart:
beautiful work!
sifu's avatar
Thanks muchly :)
zJoriz's avatar
Excellent series...
kanndeviant's avatar
Just Impressive !!!
thehellsingcorp's avatar
I suppose you wont tell me what the orbs are for... O.o

I like the shot. It's a really cool concept, the movement is fantastic. It's very energetic.

quadratiges's avatar
nice b&w! and i like the composition :).
bada's avatar
Beautiful motion capture! Her long black hair and the white background give such power to the photo!
keosuki's avatar
just sunlight through a white curtain? That's some nice exposure control! Composition and light are great. I really like the addition of the glass ball.
korzar's avatar
b13visuals's avatar
Impressive shots! Nice composition!
MarkGreenmantle's avatar
I love it. I get the feeling you would have wanted the sync speed for the flash packs to be faster to keep that hair sharper. It's a gripe I have about my old gear - cannot shoot fast enough for some dance shots.
sifu's avatar
No flash in these shots, just sunlight through a white curtain. You'll find though that your problem with blurry shots with the flash and dance shots likely has nothing to do with flash sync speed (I'm assuming you are talking about studio flash here). Any sort of semi-powerful flash will well overpower the ambient so that you are getting negligible exposure from the ambient (unless you are using small hot shoe mount units or working in very bright surrounds). In fact the problem is more likely to do with long flash durations, this happens when you have reasonably powerful flash units (or cheap weaker units) set on max power. The way to avoid it? Get the most powerful gear you can and then run it on the lowest setting you can, of course out of the studio and controlled light you then get back to running into the problem that if you expose for too weak a flash signal then you have ambient blur creeping in.

Vicious circle, the only real answer to which is to purchase more expensive gear...unfortunately...
MarkGreenmantle's avatar
That would be why I do most of my dance shoots at the beach ;)
My shopping list for new gear is off the charts / need a mortgage region at the moment. lol
sifu's avatar
I hear ya...soon as I get back to Aus I think I'll be picking myself up one of these puppies: [link]
MarkGreenmantle's avatar
I'm not sure I'd buy one of those at such a small size. Hard to balance resolution needs against the weight of a wacom screen at sizes more useful for the retouching I do commercially.
sifu's avatar
They make 21inch models too. The 12 inch is the one for me though so I can take it along on all the travel I do. I've been meaning to get a tablet for a while but never gotten around to it & I'm in need of a new laptop too so grabbing one of them might allow me to save some dollars and space by settling for a 15inch lappy rather than a 17 (which I have now and which was the plan for the upgrade).
MarkGreenmantle's avatar
maybe then you ought to take a look at the Macbook customised by a company in England, where they have modded the Macbook with a Wacom Cintiq screen ;)

hrmmm ahh google "Modbook" by Axiotron
here's a review
sifu's avatar
That's a pretty cool gizmo. Unfortunately the lack of a keyboard is a major turn off, would need to carry around a seperate USB keyboard traveling so modbook + keyboard wouldn't really be anymore portable than dell + wacom, and the inability to flip the screen up when using it as a regular laptop would be a right pain I predict. Also it is a bit of a compromise, the screen is only half as sensitive as the dedicated tablet screen and the macbook isn't as powerful as the dell I'd be getting (for around the same price all totaled). Now if only they made a version of this with a screen that slides out and flips up to reveal a keyboard it'd be almost perfect! I guess such a device is prolly only a generation or so away...
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skill22586's avatar
Interesting photo and i love the silhouettes; but what does the glass ball have to do with anything?
It looks out of place .... ?
sifu's avatar
That my friend, is for you the viewer to figure out ;)
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