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Skyrim forever
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Death of Intelligence

dragonball z

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Might Guy's Falcon Punch

Doctor who

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those beautiful early days

harry potter

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Fullmetal Alchemist Scar

fullmeatal alchemist

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Spiritual State


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Atlas' Curse

Rick Riordan stuff

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other anime and stuff

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P.S I Love You

hunger games

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Shepard and Garrus


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Magic Figit

mythic stuff

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Tarma and Kethry


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Ferelden Rhapsody

All:      Is this the real life? Is this just dark fantasy? Caught in a Blight, No escape from the Wardens Open your eyes, Look up to the skies and see (Mahariel, Surana and Tabris in unison) I'm just a poor elf, I get lots of sympathy, Because I'm easily oppressed, easily sold, Little elves, little dwarves, Anywhere that dragon goes doesn't really matter to Me, to me Aeducan: Papa, I just killed my brother, Put an axe against his head, chopped it off Now he's dead Amell:    Jowan!… Life had just begun, But now I've gone and thrown it all away Jowaaaaan oooh, Didn't mean to m

best things

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Yes that's my lightsaber...

some stuff

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The Spectre and Archangel 01


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Returning the Favor-Bruce X Reader Fluffy One Shot

“(F/n) come take a look at this. (F/n). (F/n)?” Bruce softly called your name several times before looking up from his work, to see you slumped over your keyboard. He shook his head, causing some of his soft graying chocolate locks to fall into his face, and glanced at the clock. 11 PM. You both had been working for at least 8 hours now and he knew you had been there long before he came in. He leaned back for a moment and wondered how long it had been since you got a good nights sleep, knowing that you already hardly ever slept well and now there was the added pressure of the assignment Fury had given you a few days ago. He tur


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Hand Tutorial 2


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Brynjolf [Re-up]


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Farkas X Reader: Forget-Me-Not

It was a normal Mondas... Everyone was tired, or hungover. I was in my quarters in Jorrvaskar when I heard a knock at my door. "Hello, who is it?" I yawned, lifting my head up from my pillow. I was still curled up and comfy in my bed. "Farkas!" He yelled, which didn't help my pounding headache. "Okay give me a second." I mumbled loud enough for him to hear me, then I got up and straighten myself up a bit, and opened the door. "Oh Y/N- you know I could come at another time..." Farkas laughed, he knew I just got up, and I probably looked like a wreck. "Very funny..." I chuckle. "So you needed me?" "Oh yeah... I- um.. No... I don't really


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Firefly - Jayne

[CHORUS] Even though he’s the Hero of Canton if with danger the situation is rife Jayne’d sooner kill ya before he’s lay down his life. On Serenity he’s made his home but he acts like a fish on land. His capacity for mental thought is not what makes him part of Reynold’s band. As a hired gun he’s known but most live in fear of the only one he really trusts – the one he calls Vera. He dawns a hat his mother sent him. She shipped it in a wooden crate. Book wondered if the package would try to kill him but his mother is the only sender to date. [CHORUS] His greed can get the best of


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daryl dixon - norman reedus TWD

walking dead

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DA - Epilogue Pg 3

Dragon Age

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The Hobbit ~ Thorin Oakenshield


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The Negotiator

Star Wars

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