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Ok so I figured I'd share this with all of you. When I set out to have myself tattooed for the first time I swore to have all four of the most painful spots on the body done. The spine, ribs, ankle, and behind the ear. And to be honest with you the spine, ribs, and ankle didn't really hurt. They were more along the lines of minor annoyances really....

But behind the ear...

Oh god...


I have never experienced that much physical pain in my life. Did you know that the bone right there is the thinnest bone in your entire skull? I learned this after the fact. But oh god....just to get and idea of the pain (if you're really this dim witted) go get a pin and poke it into the back of your head right there about ten times really hard. Yea. Hurts don't it? Not to mention I bled about twice as much as I normally do because the skin right there is really thin too. So anyways...on a scale of 1-10 for a pain rating I give it a 25.

Oh! And apparently the nerves that run through there (and there's a lot by the way which doesn't help the pain factor much) are connected to my foot. Yes. My foot. And I know this because every time Oz lifted the gun my foot would twitch and spaz out. Looking back it was kinda funny but at the time I was in too much pain to appreciate the humor. Comment and let me know what you think plz.
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Cool! it matches your earring. ^_^
sounds very owie. @_x

Hey! where do you get yours done? I'm looking into places.
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