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I am now taking Commissions for a variety of pony related things, See my Commission info Page linked below for details

I dont have any set number of slots, ill just keep them until i get to them, i could be working on a few at any given time depending on how complex they need to be, so please be patient, if i accept the commission it WILL get done i wont drop any.…

So I've been trying my hand and 3d terrain/landscape modeling, as opposed to landscape painting. Today when i get home from work (i hate working Saturdays) I'm going to start my first proper project, so ill hopefully have the render up before the end of the day, stay tuned for that. I'm still deciding what I'm going to render it in but i have a lot of work to do before i get to that
So im finally home and watched the final episodes, best ones yet, some great scenes and fantasic songs

Lyra has a voice
Cadence is Beautiful
Luna makes a return
Vinyl canonized red eyes
Edit: Twilight gets 2 major solo songs

it was a very disney-esque episode and i loved it.
Yes i know i just got back from a break but this is my real holiday, im going to be away in Thailand for a week and a half, im not taking my laptop at all so i wont be drawing a thing, im unsure of whether or not ill have access to internet while im over there, so i wont be able to keep up with whats going on.

But once i get back im going to open up commissions and ive got a new ask blog setup ready to go, dont worry im not stopping spitfire, its just that ill be running 2 now, so more details on that when i get back which will be on the 30th of April

So i bid you farewell for now, but i promise ill be back :)
So i've been thinking for a while about starting up Commissions, i love drawing but sometimes i just dont really have any great ideas of what to draw ( im also probably going to do more request streams aswell ) they will be pretty cheap to begin with im thinking like
$5 for b/w Line art or color skecth (See my Lyra x Bon Bon on tumblr, link below)
$7 for flat color
$10 for full color & shading

is this something you guys might be interested in? ill probably post more details about it on Tumblr at a later stage, so if you want to follow me over there or keep an eye out.

So as i stated yesterday im going to be streaming 1 hour, this includes me doing a Lyra Arcane circle, which will be saved in the archive for future reference since i got so many people asking for a tutorial. after which ill probably be doing a request stream. i'd like to see some people in there.…

Ill be camping in there should you wish to come talk to me or what ever
Tomorrow ill be doing a livestream that will include me doing a lyra arcane circle so people can finallu]y see how imake them, it will also be saved inthe archive to be viewed at anytime. Ill also most likely draw requests after that. Ill give like an hours notice before i start. So here is a pre-emtive heads up

Liveztream at
Hi there, So there wont be any art from me for like 2 weeks while im away taking part in a laser tag Competition, Yes you heard that right LASER TAG COMPETITION, each year the laser tag Nationals are held in Australia in different cities/sites. So i highly doubt i'll have time to draw anything let alone draw answers for ask--spitfire, ill most likely be posting photos of my time away on my main tumblr blog so if you want to keep up with how we're going or just want to see how it all goes down, follow that blog, ask me questions about it if you wish to know anything, and as always continue asking questions of spitfire, im sure she'll be disappointed while im away :( anyway i'll still be around but just dont expect any uploads for a while.

So as some of you may know i have an ask spitfire blog so if you got a question you would like to ask her go to always looking for more questions, i try to update it ever vcouple of days.

OK so im going to completely change the way i draw ponies, and i mean completely, Im wanting to develop my own personal style, so essentially im going to completely relearn how to draw ponies, this includes constructing them, how i do the head, mane, tail, legs and body, im also going to try different ways of coloring and shading because how i do it now might not work well with a new style. so dont expect anything to come out of me for a while.

Also after i do this i might also setup an ask pony tumblr, dont really know what character yet, but we'll see

So yeah im actually going to start using my Tumblr acount ill be uploading pretty much the same stuff as here but ill also be uploading gift art that wont go here for people on tumblr (eg ask pony blogs and stuff of the like) so follow me there as well i suppose..i mean if thats ok with you.

OMG DERPY IS ACTUAL CANON NOW, no longer just a filename on some game with voice and all

EDIT: now i think that the Applejack episode everyone was waiting for kinda got overshadowed by derpy...but regardless it is now my favourite episode
Trixie is coming....soon (next day or so)
So now that ive finished Trixie's Arcane circle im going to go back and alter the glow on EVERY SINGLE arcane pack and wallpaper i have done to look like it. you will be notified when it has been altered, so keep an eye out.

I will also be taking some requests for arcane circles, if you can follow the below guidelines. Each one will be in a pack, containing a wallpaper with and without the pony
Yes i will also do OCs but as stated below it MUST be a vector with a transparent background

Request Requirements:

Picture of pony that you want to be used (MUST BE A VECTOR)
please also include a separate link to the cutie mark, most of which can be found at :iconmlp-cutiemarks:
Primary color:
Secondary color:
Third Color: (Optional)
Location: (left, center or right)(for the circle)
I has so much fun doing the Circle of friendship Deviation
A Circle Of Friendship by SierraEx

that im doing a circle for each of the mane 6 and will be throwing them an a wallpaper pack, all wallpapers will be 1920 x 1080 but you can rescale them to your own size if you wish,
im already half way, so far ive done AJ, RBD and Twi. The pack will include 2 versions of each wallpaper, one with a vector of the pony and one without for those you want a more subtle look to their desktop.

i hope to have this finished by tomorrow night
To be honest i was a lit scared about how they would go about Luna, BUT I LOVE THIS LUNA. Must..... Draw...... or....... Vector......... her AGKHAFGKDHG

Art Trades


1. :iconsugarplumkitty:

2 . :iconthe-muffin-master:

3. :iconowlity:

4. :iconmeruetta:

Ok guys I've decided to open up to art trades. I will mainly be doing ponies but if I get a special request that I think I would be able to do then I'll give it a go. If you decided you want to do an art trade, then please follow these parameters.

1 or 2 ponies per request

What the character(s) is/are doing

No Gore


The requests will be done as either a colored sketch (see my "Sad Dashie" deviantion) or if I decide to, I may vector it (see the rest of my gallery).

As for backgrounds depending on how much time I have and whether or not the drawing allows for it I may do a simple background or a relatively detailed one, again it depends on how much time I have.

I will be open for 5 art trades at a time, I will still take requests from time to time, but you have a better chance of getting it done if you do an art trade, it doesn't matter how skilled you are, its just a bit of fun and it will also help you to get better, practice makes perfect and all that

Leave your requests below or send me a note and we will organise what you will be doing.

First 5 people to comment/send a note will be the first ones I'll do, when they are all done I'll start another set up

Also on a slightly unrelated note, ill also be making a tutorial on drawing ponies for those interested so stay tuned for that.

Art Trades


1. :iconsugarplumkitty:

2 . :iconthe-muffin-master:

3. :iconowlity:

4. :iconmeruetta:

Ok so now ive done Rainbow Dash's house...twice, next larger project will be twlight's library, confound these ponies they drive me to insanity.

see the finished Cloud mansion here
so after watching random mlp:fim episodes, i saw a different version of rainbow dash's house, which is much bigger that the one i have already vectored, so im going to do this one aswell,

stay tuned
So my "come at me filly" vector is part of the banner at equestria daily :)

this makes me a happy pony