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Cutie Mark Crusaders iTunes 11 Skin

By SierraDesign
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ONLY for iTunes 11 for Windows
i know who you are, people who don't read... ;)

This is a port of ~rhubarb-leaf's CMC skin for iTunes 11.
Using a mac? Never fear, we love you too. See the original here: [link]

See other Windows ports of rhubarb's work in =slingo1126's gallery.

I may also expand this theme to reskin more of the UI, but at present I'm too busy to do that.

If an iTunes update comes out, and this skin ceases to work, bear with me, as it'll take me a bit of time to update and reupload the skin so its compatible again.


Update log:

#22/2/13 ~ 11.0.2.x
#29/5/12 ~ 11.0.3.x
© 2013 - 2021 SierraDesign
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I did what you told me and it said this. "iTunes cannot run because some of its required files are missing. Please reinstall iTunes." What did I do wrong, I'm running iTunes 11.1.4 something.
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Sorry about that. You'll need to back up the original file. I never got round to updating this to the newest versions. Last version it was compatible with was #29/5/12 ~ 11.0.3.x.

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Nevermind, I found it. There's two "Program Files" folders, one is called "Program Files" and the other is "Program Files (x86)" and it was in the "(x86)" folder.
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Sorry,been away this week. glad you sorted it. :)
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It's no problem, thanks anyway.
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I have a problem.
I went to the iTunes program files, and instead of "iTunes.dll", I have "iTunesMiniPlayer.dll".
What do I do now? Can I just rename the file I downloaded to "iTunesMiniPlayer.dll"?
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This is pretty cool, though it might be fun to ponify even more of the interface. Also I guess my resolution is too low, because Sweetie Belle on the right gets half covered by the information box. Oh well, thanks for making this. Is there a guide on how to do it or anything so I could try it out myself?
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Awesome! I was gonna do one, but you've saved me the task! Also saw my Rainmeter skin down there. That's awesome! :D
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Ya. I modified it for my personal use though, giving it a volume readout and vol control, and i modified the song controls to make them more responsive. Havnt uploaded it or anything though so don't worry.
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I've actually since released a guide. =p
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Hello again,

I realised a crude vid tutorial on this stuff but a question came back I wanted to make sure of.
He wanted to know if there was an rcdata folder for the background of the main section of the screen where the songs are shown. I told him that this background couldn't be changed but wanted to ask you about it too.
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You mean the white one where you pick the songs?
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You can't change the background of that. Only the colours and that's really difficult anyway.
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Ok thanks. I'll tell him that.
Why? does it involve coding?
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Yeah. Hex editing to be precise.
Add to that difficulty the issue that Apple use their own colour generating system (not RGB or CMYK or even normal HTML or hex codes work) :(
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As for that, there was nothing I could do, unfortunately. Poor sweetie belle. :(
I often have my iTunes not full screened, so it didn't effect me as much, but I only ported it, so as I say, wasn't a lot I could do. :(

A guide? Not so much. I can kind of explain if you want. Using Windows, yes? :)
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awesome. just about the only pony skin i can find that works on 11.0.2! Thank you!!!

Could you please please please do a vinyl scratch one???
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I'll have to see how much time I have.
I'd like to do a Vinyl Scratch one (first one turned out pretty good!), but the new iTunes is a lot harder to skin nicely than the old one was.:( But as I said, I'll see what I can do. :P
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Doesn't work i did what does it say in Notepad when try to launch i get and Error saying

iTunes not installed Correctly
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Have you updated to the latest iTunes (11.0.2)?
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