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Welp! lets just get this over and done with.
i got tagged by CharmanderGirl3586  charmandergirl3586.deviantart.…

1. write the rules
2. write 13 things about yourself
3. answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions.
4. tag 13 deviants (only 13!)
5. tag backs are allowed
6. have fun!

13 Things about me!

1. my characters hair (me) is my hair when i face the mirror. (why? I WILL NEVER TELL!)
2. i started to actually try to draw in grade 5
3. i have hazel eyes that, depending on the day. will be a lot more green, or a lot more brown
4. i have a 11 year old sister named Vanessa
5. i have 10 friends and 1 million Acquaintance
6. i am a big anime fan (i am NOT a Weeaboo)
7. i am very funny
8. i'm a invert 
9. i love to read
10. i want to be a artist, animator, writer, illustrator, actor, voice actor, manga writer and illustrator and i want to be a comic maker
11. i have autism
12. i have A LOT of self-esteem and i'm not afraid to stand up to kids (or adults) who act like assholes to my friends or family 
13. i'm am very creative and a huge thinker when it comes to the universe. (and Conspiracy theories, theory's and video game theory's)

things i gotta answer 
1. what are you deathly afraid of?
hmm.... never dying while everyone else around you can die 
2. what are 3 animals you like
cats, sharks and spiders (strange right?)
3. do you have an OC?
well i actually have a cast of ocs BUT i have not posted them onto deviantart yet. (except 3)
4. do you have a otp XD
nope. and I never will
5. which temperature do you like most, cold or hot? explain why
cold, because when its freezing, my mum will not try to take us anywhere! (and i get to stay home!)
6. Would you do a face reveal on this website?
yes but "there is a time and place for everything, but not know!" -Oak
7. whats your favorite meal of the day?
don't have a favorite
8. whats your favorite thing to do on vacations?
watch movies really late at night, because my parents let us stay up very late on vacations to watch movies.
9. now, what's YOUR favorite color?
10. if a boy or girl (depending on what gender you are) asked you out, what would your reaction be
i will stare at them for a few seconds, then tell the to search up what the word Asexual means and walk away
11. what are your favorite TV shows to watch
i like action, drama, comedy, sci fi, horror, parody, depressing, mind fuck and mystery shows
12. have you heard of undertale?
yes! and i have the game and i beat it, (i have also heard of the fandom and lets just say, THEY ARE THE MOST ANNOYING AND CRINGE INDULGING THINGS THAT I HAVE COME ACROSS!!!)
13. what's your favorite game to play?

other peoples question
1. if you had one super power what would it be and why?
2. name 1 celebrity that you HATE and why
3. do you like to be alone, or around other people?
4. savory or sweet?
5. invert or exvert 
6. if you could be in one movie what would it be and say why
7. marvel or dc?
8. what are you scared of?
9. do you want to get married or do you wan to be single
10. do you have any strange fetishes? explain why?
11. describe what you think death is
12. do your best librarian joke
13. DO YOU LIKE WAFFLES? (please get the joke)

know i'm not gonna tag anyone because, FUCK THE RULES I DO WHAT I WANT! so yeah anybody who sees this can do this. -_- 


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Sienna (Forg means everything!)
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i like um Anime and playing video and to watch a bunch of YouTube and I have a younger sister named Vanessa and i am not the best drawer deal with it!


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