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Pokemon Fusion: Rhyizard



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I'm sorry for the watermark, but with all the art theft going on I wanted to take precautions :/

The moment you've all been waiting for (I think)! Another Pokémon fusion! xD

I was planning to do fusions for all the starters, Blastoise, Charizard, and Venusaur, but I actually got lazy and stopped. But after seeing arvalis's amazing work again I got inspired.

Here I just kept switching around for Charizard until I got something I liked: Rhyizard. I don't know why, but it appealed to me. ;u; So, I did my research. Rhyhorn is obviously a rhino, but I was surprised to see he was inspired by a triceratops as well. As for Charizard, I love arvalis's intake on the Kaprosuchus, so I decided to make it part lizard, part dino/rhino. As for the Triceratops I had no idea where I was gonna implement that, so I made the body shape (the arching back) that of the Tricera. As for the Kaprosuchus I found this really nice image of a Kaprosuchus Saharicus (which looks like a badass alligator by the way) and used that for the scales and mouth shape.

So, eventually, I got this... thing. I even made my own theory to match: since Rhyhorn's face is supposedly rock, I thought that this ting's face would be too heavy for him to hold high so he's forced on all fours. The poor bastard can't fly either. I think he'd make a good steed xD I want one as a pet now. On a side note, I can't seem to make anything looks fierce to save my life.
Hope you enjoy it! Expect a Blastoise fusion in the near future. Also, that future may not be so near because My internet is down and I'm uploading this at my Grandma's sister's house, which is ages away

EDIT: Oh hey lookie here, this got featured on a website!… 

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Rock-Fire type.

Rhyizard has dangerous blue flames that can burn through anything. It also divebombs with its powerful horn.