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Pokemon Fusion: Parausaur

I have officially joined the Pokéfusion bandwagon. V____V (link to the website if you're interested:  )

So! I kept shuffling retarded Pokémon until I got these two, and they look really awesome together! I mean, A Rafflesia and a mushroom? It's, like, two parasitic things at once, and they completely match <3 So I decided to actually take my time and make this as perfect as possible. This took around 7-9 hours. I'm exhausted... :iconsweatdropplz: But anyway, here it is! Expect a lot more in the future, because this is too fun xD
I was going for arvalis's style when I did this so as to get better practice with animals; his style is beautiful. Check it out sometime~

Also! Sorry for the lame-ass watermark, but a lot of art theft has been going on lately so I just want to be safe :/

EDIT: 5,000 VIEWS?! Dude! Whoa! WHOA! That's like, the largest amount of views I've ever gotten in my life! And a feature on Facebook?! Omg man I don't deserve this what's happening here, I-- :iconhhhhplz:

EDIT #2 OH MY GOD. OH. MY. GOD. DUDE. 10,000 views? And a feature on Smosh/ Tumblr and basically everything else? I--can't--handle--this-- :icongrosssobplz:

EDIT #3 Dude. I say dude a a lot. But DUDE. This got featured on a poster in Vancouver in a restaurant! THAT IS SO F*CKING AWESOME OH MY GOOOOOODDDDDDDDDD :iconrazycryplz:

EDIT #4 Okay I'm sorry but it has become a daily process of life to freak out every time this gets featured on a website :faint: Look! D:… 

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this gave me nightmares. 
That's why i like it.
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I love him! So. Much.

(Maybe not the buggy legs. But the rest of him reminds me of a horned-toad-lizard--which is the best lizard.)
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Parausaur looks like a video game boss that you would see and/or fight in Metroid, Resident Evil, Fallout, Dark Souls, Darkside, Monster Hunter, Nioh or Ōkami.
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Oh my it looks really lovely!
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Creepy but badass
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every time I come a cross a pokefusion article I make it a point to check if yours are on there :P…
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wow I really hate when ppl repost my stuff without even bothering to ask lol
and how the hell did they get an unwatermarked version jesus

thanks for telling me :/
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welp. Nothing I can do about this now rip holy guacamole 
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Holy crap that is amazing.
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Omr.... That. Is. Horrifyingly amazing!!!
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Holy crap that's cool!
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Are you insane!? Bad enough that Parasect is already a zombie!

Ability: Intoxicate
"Wielder releases poisonous gases upon using Spore moves, doubling damage and increasing chance of secondary effect."

Signature Move: Parasitic Rush
Type: Bug
Damage: 10
"User charges at foe, leaving behind a infestation that poisons the target till KO'd
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But that's what makes it awesome eue

That would be beautiful
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