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Girl with a gun

Girl with a gun.
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the colour is wonderfull!
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Что-то она бледновата для такого солнечного края -или только недавно начала ходить с голым животиком и без шляпы? 
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This is truly awesome.

Great work.
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Oh sexy sheriff!
I want to be busted by someone like her n_n
Lol does the sign say what I think it says
arkham666's avatar
Muito legal, gostei muito da textura dessa pintura
Rock-Raider's avatar
Nice picture.:) Oh, & the guy in back looks like Colton White from GUN.
timpu's avatar
gorgeous looking sheriff, mate.
real nice.
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Wow. I'm very heavily reminded of Borderlands here. Nice work!
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Ha ha... Her gun's bigger than mine!
Texelion's avatar
Nice ^^. At the first look I thought that the clock was falling on the guy... XD
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Great style you have! Well Done!
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Those are nice guns. Oh, and the one in her hand ain't bad either.
Mentillias's avatar
This is fantastic! Absolutely first-class. I love every single detail!! Especially the cocky look in her eye. ;)
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Very good! The color balance is awesome!
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Wow! look at the size of that gun! Amazing work, really nice details ^^
Luk999's avatar
Another awesome work. The way you use colors is amazing!
Valentina-Remenar's avatar
You have been featured here.
I hope that this is OK :la:
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Nice pulp novel cover look! Love this image!:)
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