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Blue Roba
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da da da da *makes a rapid fire sound* ^^

his cannons are awesome o.o
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My name is rain. I am with Digitalented, a new company working on several games

We've been watching your artwork on, and think that you are very talented and that your art style would work perfectly for several potential projects.

I am emailing you to ask if you are generally interested in commission work and if so whether you have a general price list and whether you are available in the foreseeable future.

Thank you in advance,

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Hello rain!
I'm interested to get more info. Please send me a letter with details of this potential projects to

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хороший агрегат )
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pen.. i like pens ! )))
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this is really good, again im in the dark as to what medium you used though @.@ i could probably give you a bic pen and it would still look awesome ^.- and who nice upload, the trio of doom bots is now a quartet ^^
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Wow, I really love your style on this! I totally want one!
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