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Mumbai Slang
1. anna;(अन्ना) - Anyone from South India(Tamilnadu).
2. Bhai- A local Hoodlum
3. bas kyā (बस क्या) - Don't take me for granted.
4. bindaas (बिंदास) - carefree, happy go lucky.
5. fatte (फट्टे)- lessons/knowledge being imparted by someone with little knowledge but complete confidence (Also called fundae).
6. Dhaasu(ढासु) - awesome.
7. Gheun Taak - It's your's take it.
8. rapchik(रापचिक) - awesome!.
9. sussat - awesome!!!.
10. Paandu(पांडु) - Police constable.
11. Taanga Palti - narrow escape.
12. Chhaava or Chhaavi - Boyfriend/girlfriend (normally the one that is going steady).
13. Chikni or Burfi or Maal - A good looking girl.
14. muft ka chandan, ghis mere nandan - means to use something free of cost!
15. Battery/Double battery/ḍhāpnyā - A person wearing prescription glasses. Battery also means flashlight.
16. Haila or Aaila or Tujya Maila - "Oh God". ('Haila!' is probably derived from 'Hai Allah!'). Aaila is also a Marathi word meaning "(to) your mother". It is an offensive word, but is not taken with the literal meaning.
17. Paka - Irritate (literally paka means "to cook", so here the word has the sense of "cooking one's brain" to mean irritate).
18. nabbad - Originated in IIT Bombay. Used for NBD or nervous breakdown. Originally referring to a person who cannot cope up with studies and loses his mind on the day of exam. Usually used for any kind of loss of control of the situation "Woh Nabbad mein aa gaya" means s/he failed miserably.
19. Atrangi - Something strange or extraordinary.
20. Chappan tikli - One with lots of pimples on his/her face.
21. Tension - Although an English word, it is used excessively in bombay slang, for example, eh, tereku kayko tension ho rahela hai?" means “why are you bothered?” and Tension lene ka nahi dene ka means one should not take tension but give it to others.
22. Tapri - A road side shop.
23. Chote, Tambi or Ramu - Any kid working in a tapri (small shop or eatery).
24. Apun - Me or myself.
25. Kalti- Get lost or go away.
26. Kayko - Why?
27. Cutting - Though an English word, it is used to refer to half a glass of tea.
28. Jhakaas - Amazing, Awesome, Superb, Wonderful.
29. Pocket - Means purse.
30. Maafik - Like. - "Hero ke maafik dress kaiko karta hai re".
31. Khopcha - Means corner. Like - "Khopche me dun kya Kharcha Pani"
32. Raapchik Maal or Item or Phooljadi - A Sexy Girl
33. FC - Fokat Chand or Fakir Chand - someone always trying to get stuff done for free...e.g. abhe FC..chal nikaall
34. Bin Paghar Full Hazheri - A Guy who has has lot of free time for others.
35. Bahut hua Samman- Enough of respect /Getting sick/tired of something
36. Laafa or Chamaat - One Tight Slap
37. Leakage - used in Lage Raho Munnabhai - for one who goes to pee often.
38. Dhed Shaana - Extra Smart
39. Saalaa - Written commonly as 'sala' or 'saala'. It literally means "brother-in-law," specifically "brother of my wife" (not "husband of my sister"). It developed into a general taunt or insult, with the implication that the speaker has had intimate relations with the object's sister. Like many insults, it has also developed into a term of affection between friends (Abey saale, kidhar tha? - "Where were you, dude?"), criticise/tease/naughtily refer to someone (saalaa chor - "you/that/bloody thief/prankster!!") or as an impersonal reference (Saalaa, apun ka naseebich kharaab hai! - "Hell, my fate/luck is/was bad!"). The word sasur (father-in-law) can be used similarly as a term for an older man (implying intimate relations with his daughter).
40. Boss - Form of address to a friend, unrelated person or stranger.
41. Kharcha-paani - Literally it means "stipend, pocket-money, bribe or (small) payment". In Mumbai it may also refer to beating up somebody. So depending on context, "kharcha-paani doon kya?" may mean "Do you want me/us to beat you up?" instead of "Do you want me/us to give you some money?” Conversely a person asking for a bribe (or one belonging to the lowest strata when asking for some money) will say "thoda kharcha-paani do" (Give me some money).
42. Fultoo - Too good or very cool, not to be confused with Faltoo which means useless or waste. Fultoo may also mean drunk depending on context.
43. Dhakkan or Champak - Depending on context may mean "lid" or "stupid".
44. Dedh-dimaag - Literally "one and a half brains", in reference to an over-smart, dim-wit or stupid person.
45. Talli - Drunk.
46. Dedh-foot or Dedh-futya - Literally means "one and a half foot". Usually refers to a short person. May also be a form of irreverent address to a kid.
47. Chikna - Literally "clean-shaven" or "smooth". Used usually to refer to a male new-comer or teenager, especially in a negative manner.
48. Gadha-majoori - Literally "donkey work or labour". To signify slogging, boring or heavy work.
49. Tadi-paar - Means long absence, absconding, hiding or evading the police.
50. Mamu - A Stupid Person/ used for policemen also as Mamulog
51. Chakka - eunuch
52. Maandvaali - Compromise. "chal bhai ke saath maandvaali kar le" means "strike a compromise with [some underworld character]"
53. Rappaak - Tight slap. "Ey doon kyaa kaan ke neechey rappaak?" transliterates to "Should I give you a tight slap under your ear?"
54. Bevada, Gutter, Tanki, Batli, JohnnyWalker - a drunkard.
55. Waat or Vaat - Derived from Marathi. Signifies "(to be in) trouble". Meri waat lag gayi means "I'm in trouble".
56. Paan-patti or Tapri - A small shop selling tobacco, cigarettes, toffees and optionally, tea.
57. Yeda ban ke peda kha - Roughly translates to "act dumb and eat the whole cake".
58. Item or maal - term used for attractive girl usually while eve-teasing like "kya item hai baap".
59. tapka daal - Roughly translates to "kill someone".
60. daal dena - Roughly translates to "shoot with a gun".
61. Dimaag ka dahi - Literally means making curd of the brain. It means to baffle, frustrate or irritate someone as in "Dimaag ka dahi mat bana" (Don't irritate me)
62. Ghoda - Used for trigger of a gun. (literal meaning is a Horse)
63. Kauwa - (Hindi, crow) cellular phones
64. Chidiya - (Hindi, sparrow) pager
65. Chyayla - (from Marathi) an exclamation conveying frustration
66. Kantalaa aa gaya - (from Marathi) (I) got bored
67. Ghantaa - Literally, it means a big bell. But in Bambaiya Hindi it means "No Ways...That’s not possible". For example if your boss orders you say "Tujhe weekend pe office aana hoga (You will have to work on a weekend)", you can reply back saying "Ghantaa!” (at your own peril )
68. Locha - Means trouble or problem or in a fix. "Main bola na is loche main mat pad"
69. Lafda - Means "Trouble", "Fight", "Riot". Similar to Locha. When you say, "Apun ko lafda nahi chahiye", it means, "I don't want any trouble" or "I don't want any fights".
70. Raada - In other words, "Fight". "Abe, raada ho gaya" means "Oi, a fight has started".
71. Popat - Literally it means a Parrot in Marathi. But when you say "Tera popat ho Gaya", you actually mean "You got fooled". You can also call someone a "Popat" which in other words is a "Moron".
72. Paplu - It's also a nick name for little kids, but it actually means "Simple" in Bambaiya Hindi. As in, "Question paper bahut paplu tha" (The question paper was very simple) or "Paplu ball daal" (Bowl a simple ball).
73. Soomdee - "Quietly" or "Secretly". When someone says, "Soomdee me vat le" he/she actually means "Leave this place quietly or secretly without anyone knowing about it".
74. Khopchaa - "Corner"
75. Jhol - Something that is strange or weird. Depending on context, it could be synonym for another Bombaiya Hindi word "Lafda" or some thing very simlilar to "messed up". Also refers to scam.
76. Jholer - Someone who creates a problem(jhol).
77. Khajoor - "Dumb fellow"
78. Khoka - "Refers to 1 crore (10 million) rupees"
79. Peti - "Refers to 1 lakh (100 thousand) rupees"
80. Rokda - Cash
81. Patli gali - Escape route, or back alley. "chal chal patli gali se kat le"
82. Tembka or Matka - Refers to a pregnant woman's oversized stomach.
83. Khopdi - It means Brain or a fool eg. "Mera khopdi sarka mat" (don't irritate me) or "Abe khopdi, tere baap ne bhi aise kabhi kiya tha kya?" (You idiot, did your father ever do a thing like that?)
84. Chuna lagana - Literally translated in Hindi , it means to whitewash a wall in Bambaiyya Hindi it means to "fool someone"- "Bola tere ko ek baar sun mera, abhi laga ke gaya na tere ko chuna" (I told you once to listen to me , now see he's fooled you!)
85. Karjat-Kasara, Mahim-Matunga,Vasai-Virar - Based on the train routes this term refers to squint eyed people. "Ae Karjat-Kasara, idhar aa" (Hey Squint, come here!)
86. Chamdi/Vasu/Tharki - lecher
87. Dedh Shaana - smart-ass, smart-alec
88. Bol Bachhan Amitabh Bachhan - smooth talker, someone who tells tall tales
89. Mendu, Pavli - A halfwit
90. Pandu, Mama - A Mumbai traffic cop
91. Bahadur - A security guard usually from Nepal.
92. Mundi Ghooma Goti Gayab - Literally means if you turn your head you will lose your balls. Referring to the slick pick-pockets who flourish in Mumbai's train stations particularly VT.
93. Thukpatti - A temporary solution or a half-assed job. Not perfect.
94. Chimaat - A funny or weird looking guy.
95. Double Seat - Gay
96. Avli - A guy who has no work. One who whiles away his time, similar to Vella used in north India
97. Pavva - A quarter bottle (or 250ml packets) of country liqour. Also called "Santra", "Narangi", "Mosambi" etc based on type of liquor.
98. Khamba - A full bottle of liquor. As opposed to "Pavva" a "Khamba" is not necessarily country made.
99. Barabbar- Literally meaning "equal", used as - to confirm, correctly, properly. "Barabbar hai na?" means "That's correct, isn't it? "Barabbar se jaa" means "Go carefully"
100. Bakra- Literally meaning "a goat", used to denote a befooled person. "Bakra banaya usko." means "He was fooled"
101. Shendi - Is a strand of hair in Marathi that sticks out, or has been tied. Figuratively means "fooled". Usage: (1)"Merko SHENDI lagaya usne" - "I've been fooled by him." (2)"Shendi lagake nikal ja" - "Fool him/her and abscond."
102. Shahne - smart guy (used mostly ironically)
103. Hafta - weekly bribe given to gangster/police
104. Alibaug - used to denote an outisder (apun kya alibaug se aayla hai, meaning, do I look like an ousider/fool). It also alludes to a mental asylum, supposedly present at Alibaug. (So apun kya alibaug se aayla hai can also mean, do you think I am insane?)
105. Tune jitne phatake nahi phode, utni apun ne diwali dekheli hai: Am more experienced than you
106. Watak - (as in, chal watak yaha se, meaning "get lost")
107. Chindi - (As in chindi chor).
108. Jhol - As in "Arre yaar, jhol ho gaya." Meaning there is a problem.
109. Jhollar or Jholu - Means a person who creates problems.
110. khali pili - for no reason, as in, "khali pili kyon dimag ki maa bhen ek karela hai", literally, why are you screwing my mind for no reason.
111. fullmoon:* bald person
112. taklu or taklya:* bald person
113. Jaadya: An overweight person
114. Gud - Gay
115. ghochu:* a fool
116. Baawa - a male person belonging to Parsi community
117. Raada- A major problem, usually refers to the low intensity fight amoung local youth and it is also referred to problems / fights amoung local mafia
118. Jhagmag, Dhinchak - usually bright clothes
119. Hata Saawan Ki Ghata- I don't care about it much!
120. Sutta- Smoking
121. Charsi- Chain smoker/Drug Addict
122. Gavandi- villager/rustic fellow
123. Ghanti- Someone/Something belonging to interior Maharashtra
124. Chota Tir Ghav Gambhir - It means small work done causing large impact.
125. Ma Bhen Karna- To insult/hurt someone severely or to damage something
126. Game Baja dala- To kill someone. Also used for raping someone.
127. Ghodagiri/Gadhamajuri- Having to do tedious work of little value. “Apun se Ghodagiri nahi hoti bhai” meaning I cannot do donkeyworks
128. Khallas: To finish off something/ Someone (to kill)
129. Chai se zyada Kettli garam: The pot is hotter than the tea inside: Lots of show but little substance
130. Bhaiya: Anyone coming from the State of U.P.
The cosmopolitan metropolis of India has a peculiar language.. such an interesting concoction of Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati English and so many more languages.
They say you've become a true mumbaikar when you start calling a problem a locha and call one crore rupees as one Khokha..

I've tried to list some of the most used slang words. I might've missed many more though
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giftsons Featured By Owner Edited Jun 17, 2016
choko = dick
 lavdu = dick 
chinal = slut 
badwi = female pimp 
randwa = guys who fk whores
chutmariki = bitch
fakir= beggar 
jhaat ka baal = pubic hair
katwa = muslim with cut dick 
cspurush Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2012

MUH ME GOTI - getting balls in mouth like " kaam karte karte, muh me goti aa gaya. - A diificult job
CHARANA KA MURGI BARA AANA MASALA - penny wise pound foolish
chal foot - get lost
SAALA YEDA - foolish nut, marathi slang
CHOOTHYA - one with a cunt meaning dumb person.( female sex is supposed to be dumb. Like in western countries blondes are dumb.
KATLU - a person with circumcission , normally a muslim ,
GOTI SE LATKANA - hanged by the balls
GOTI SATAKNA – in troubled spot literally entangled balls
Sidthebohemian Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2007
I too don't have such software.. I had send this list on a word document to a friend who somehow added these Devanagri versions of some of the words and returned.
BTW I'd like to know of more such common slang words which are being used in your area.
coshipi Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2007
Oddly enough, a lot of that is current over a thousand miles away in the countryside. One interesting difference I've noticed is that you write "Battery" - which is used in the same way in our area, but is pronounced "Betrik" - and I've not yet got hold of that software to let me write that in Deva Nagari for you... :)
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