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Congratulations to all the featured, i try to get at least 1 from every participant and a max of 2 from each user. The list is now complete to enjoy the new and existing talent from each of these individuals, keep up the good work.

:icontiffanytong: Black Red White by tiffanytong

:iconhopehavoc: I Want To Be A Rainbow by HopeHavoc

:iconamayaells: Short pieces in Response to Art
"You are travelling alone through a spooky forest,
When a dark wizard appears and gives you a magical potion.
What magnificent powers does this potion contain?" Identifyed-Khaos

The potion glitters like flakes of the golden sun just before a burning sunset. You feel the weight of the small bottle in your hand, it feels lighter than it should be. You try to resist the urge to drink, the wizard hadn't seemed benign. The compulsion grew the longer you look, the bottle has no cork so you cannot put it down, but it seems almost sacrilege to tip this beautiful liquid out. You swirl the liquid gently, marvelling at the spiralling shards of sunlight. It slips down your throat, sweet and smooth, yet the bitterness which follows almost makes you cry. Your skin tingles and begins to glow with the deep gold of that sunset potion. It grows brighter and hotter, your clothes burst into flame. You feel you are about to burst into flame at any moment, but you don't. The
Blue Light Deals
The light glowed a faint dead blue, casting an unnatural pallor over his features. She wondered for a moment whether this had been a wise decision, but she could not say no now. Her heals clicked on the brushed metal, before being muffled by the thick blue-grey rug. He glanced up and motioned her towards the seat on the other side of the desk. She sat down gingerly and waited perched on the edge of her seat. He was reading something, tapping a pen against his front teeth in time to some internal rhythm. She tried to pick out a pattern in that tapping, but each time she thought she had found it it changed. She picked at her lip nervously until it bled. Embarrassed she took a hanky out of her pocket and pressed it against her lip. The man didn't notice. She glanced at the light again, a glowing blue rock set in a special recess, not your typical chemical bulbs. The papers were put down on the table suddenly and she jumped.
"You are Miss Vandenbosch." It was a grey, toneless voice, and no

:iconarreis-kurai:   Frozen Flower by Arreis-Kurai

:iconfelizias: Breathless by Felizias Survive in this cold world by Felizias

:iconabsol: :thumb318914210: :thumb301580556:

:icontorus: Torus by derJake Immooswaslos by derJake

:iconfireflyskys: Morning Flight by fireflyskys Shot Glass Still Life by fireflyskys

:iconain392: Playing and Praying by Ain392

:iconstvn-h: Take This Life by stvn-h

:iconzonnevlokje: :thumb322342876: :thumb322283526:

:iconadamcjc01: Trest Tube by Adamcjc01 Giraffe by Adamcjc01

:icontuxxon:  :thumb323428669:

:iconsunshinenorcas: a wet world aches for the beat of a drum by sunshinenorcas

:iconkrisvlad: Napster by KrisVlad

:iconemirasmussen: Dragonfly Resting by emirasmussen Los Muchachos of Lake Atitlan by emirasmussen

:iconbmj-metalik: Floating Islands by BMJ-Metalik The Basement by BMJ-Metalik

:icongabrielleisabeau: :thumb314758175: :thumb206901384:

:iconschlissel-art: Mushrooms by Schlissel-art Hansel and Gretel by Schlissel-art

:iconimmer-frei: :thumb314937835: :thumb291309361:

:iconkevyntherhino: The College Life by KevynTheRhino Over 20K Hitz by KevynTheRhino

:iconthemoonmonkey: Heavy Drinking. by TheMoonMonkey Barry the Panther by TheMoonMonkey

:icontruthdenied: Kings Park View by truthdenied

:iconaliwithaneye: H i d e A n d S e e k ( P A N O R A M A ) by AliWithAnEye

:iconthelamentation: Girls Pg 1. by TheLamentation

:iconmihaimcm94: Natural Selection ongoing project by mihaimcm94

:iconrachelrosary: Cemetery by RachelRosary


:iconmireielle: :thumb323910778:

:iconjosegoncalo: :thumb323922700:

:iconwoodenox: Mandrill by WoodenOx Garden Bunch by WoodenOx

:iconpixie-souls: cheshire pin-up by pixie-souls

:iconovidiu-hiei: Liberty by Ovidiu-Hiei

:icondesertcon: :thumb283776567: :thumb287517027:

:iconlostonwallace: Green Hulk Will Smash by LostonWallace LORNA RELIC WRANGLER pg 9 by LostonWallace

:iconroamingtigress: Hudson's Stepping In by roamingtigress Old History by roamingtigress

:icontherockmonster: :thumb315530215: :thumb298288138:

:iconafter--life: Hero by After--Life

:iconcrimsonavengerv2: World Less Than Mind by crimsonavengerv2 Fallen Knight by crimsonavengerv2

:iconmyheartindollparts: Valley Vibes 2012 - Fushia by myheartindollparts I Dream In Sepia. by myheartindollparts

:iconart-by-rosegold: Siren by Art-by-Rosegold Red and the Wolf by Art-by-Rosegold

:icondr-aim: :thumb245296001: :thumb317972818:

:iconphanthom-art: In the valley of the shadow of death by PhanThom-art Silent Hill pyramid head fan art by PhanThom-art

:iconpicedwrites: :thumb323837956:

:iconan-old-grimoire: Ain't No Love on the StreetTonight again I walk my beat
Nothing seems to be a-changin'
There's no one fresh to meet
No new names for the exchangin'
Run down cars on the sidewalks
Trashcans spilled in the alley light
And there ain't no barks o' dogs
Just the rumblin' o' the city night
By the corner there's a young man
In his hands I see a bloody blade
I don't think he's got a game plan
But he thinks he's got it made
He looks at me and waves me over
Says, "Old man, you ain't seen a thing"
Then he cuffs me on the shoulder
And sends me off like he's the king
I walk away, all stunned and blue –  
Wasn't like this in my summer's heat
But now just one thing rings true
There ain't no love on the street
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