Corsets and Underpinnings for Outer and Underwear

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In honor of Costumery week in the Artisan Crafts gallery here on DeviantArt, this article highlights the stunning array of corset creations, helpful tutorials, and groups where DA's corset makers gather.

The corset.  Whether it's overbust or underbust, curvy or straight, fancy or plain, historical or completely modern, lightly or heavily boned, it alters the fashion silhouette of the wearer, often providing a dramatically different shape from any that could be achieved without the use of a corset.

In historic fashion, the corset and related underpinnings are an essential part of the costume's foundation.  Without a properly fitted corset and underpinnings, even the most beautifully and accurately constructed costume will look ill-fitting, sloppy, and shabby, making it very difficult to appreciate the time and workmanship that went into the outer part of the costume.

For modern cosplay and fantasy, the corset is a non-essential but delightful option in the costuming repertoire.  They look amazing and take a lot of work to make, so just about any costumer would be proud to show it off on the outside, rather than hiding it underneath the costume.  For the fashion designer or the artist whose work is being cosplayed, the corset provides a distinct visual tool which can be created by no other kind of garment.

Historical 19th Century Corsets
Most modern corsets are based on the fashion stylings of the Victorian, but these corsets are created and adorned for use in the traditional way, as underwear, or in tribute to the historic aesthetic.

Single layer Victorian Corset by Janes-Wardrobe :thumb149681912: :thumb130040887: Black Satin Ribbon Corset by sidneyeileen Corset back by Carrieliney :thumb84562671: Victorian corset - wearing by taeliac 19th century corset by DeredereGalbraith

Historical Stays and Bodies
These are conical-shaped corsets, originally worn as foundation for womens' fashions from the Renaissance until the end of the 1700's.

1609 Bodys by Goldenspring Corset by liddellgirl 1780's Stays - Side I by Goldenspring :thumb87547079: Finished stays by AIMAccessoirDesign :thumb40035050: 1598 corset by Janes-Wardrobe Lucky Lady corset by sarlume

Cosplay Corsets
These corsets were created based on popular media character concepts and designs.

Do You Wanna Date My Avatar? by FireLilyCosplay :thumb158582848: -V2- Welcome to the Circus by sakusakus Harley Quinn Corset by JustBetsyCostumes The Gothic Princess by yayacosplay Narcissa Malfoy by inutsuzuki :thumb158774829: A lady of ill repute by betapleatedsheet

Fantasy Corsets
These corsets are created for personal costume, fantasy concepts, and steampunk.

Male Steam Punk Corset by Trinitynavar 'Very Twisted Kingdom'corset by KasiaKonieczka Green Fairy by JustBetsyCostumes Steampunk II by MissEnthropy :thumb120278807: Gold corset by KasiaKonieczka Steampunk Leia Corset for Sale by ljvaughn Caterina Sforza Corset by Natalie526

Hoops, Bustles, Panniers, and Petticoats
As important to the fashion silhouettes of history as the corset, fads in hoops, bustles, and petticoats changed far faster than the corsets themselves.

:thumb45386032: Hoop petticoat by Carrieliney Canfield Bustle Cage by Opergeist :thumb149381718: Elizabethan underpinnings M by ladyrose04 Georgian Undergarments by LadyJamie paniers by Janes-Wardrobe

There are many resources on DA for those who wish to learn or improve
their skills with corset making.

Tutorial: Tipping Corset Bones by taeliac Reversible Corset Tutorial by Reine-Haru How to Make a Mesh Corset by sidneyeileen Making a Quilted Gore Corset by sidneyeileen Adding Lace Edging to a Corset by sidneyeileen Adding WaistTape to a Corset by sidneyeileen How to Grommet By Hand by sidneyeileen Busk Installation by WaistedSpace making hand-bound eyelet holes by Kathelyne How to Make a Double Busk by sidneyeileen How to spiral lace a corset by Kathelyne How To Lace a Corset by WaistedSpace

There are also a handful of groups specifically focused on corsets and corset enthusiasts.
:iconcorsetmakers: :iconcorset-lovers: :iconcorset-cult: :iconcorsetry:
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Your article is featured in "Costume Design 101" for Costume Week.
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Gorgeous stuff (I'm off to fav some now)....thanks for including my men's 'fantasy' steam punk outfit :)
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I'm glad you enjoyed the article, and congratulations on the interview with :devmyntcat:! :D
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I am so, so sorry for the errors in this article. The first bold heading should read "Historical 19th Century Corsets". That's a small typo, and a huge difference in time frame. I have submitted a ticket, and will have to wait for anything to be fixed. Unfortunately, there is no way for me to fix these errors myself.... :(
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Errors have been fixed, thanks to DA's Help Desk! :w00t!:
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I totally blundered the code for the Groups at the very end of the article. Sorry about that. Here are the real links:

:iconcorsetmakers: :iconcorset-lovers: :iconcorset-cult: :iconcorsetry:
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