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Obviously inspired by the original Don Ivan Punchatz poster, which will always have a special place in my heart.
Oil on 40x60cm canvas    
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This is the side view of the original DooM poster
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Me fighting my friends bullys be like
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Makes me think of map 28 in Doom 2 and it's theme.
It's like the improved version
My love for Doom just increased tenfold
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This legit looks like something out if a Biblical Painting. Nice.
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Masterfull work, I wish it was a cover for something.
Spectacular. Looks like Frazetta painted it himself.
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This style is so cool, it looks like an original 90's painting that could've been made back then for the game!
Dude I need a huge poster for my living room, if you will sell high res poster with this illustration please let me know.
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My dad would have been flattered by this homage to his art... great job!
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A piece of my childhood given life once again. This is great man. Thanks for this.
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How much time did this bad guy take.?
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It's the motherfuckinDOOMGUY!!!
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neat i like how its the oroginal motive but seen from the side
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it is the one by Don Ivan.
its just the perspective is different  
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That is amazing.
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