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The Cavewoman - Hermione



We continue with the mystery beasts.
As suggested by :iconhuginn99:...
"Why ? She's the most typical brainy, willowy and elflike girl in popular media i can think of. So it would be a nice contrast to turn her into a primitive brute "

Really like the concept of transformation victims turned into the exactly opposite of what they were before... so, in one hand, we have Hermione... brainy, willowy and as :iconhuginn99: pointed out, 'elflike'... what could be worse for her than be transformed into a primitive brute, a bulky beast that might be the missing link between apes and modern humans...

I would like to write a short story for this piece (which i actually, enjoyed to draw, you can note that because i added an extra stage xD; and well, let's say i'm quite fond of devolution-themed tfs); probably involving Hermione being attacked by a Death-Eater some time after the defeat of Voldy and his soldiers... i'm currently on a i-cant-write-even-if-i-want-to situation... so if anyone wants to give it a try, i'm sure i can do something for you in exchange.
As you can see, this isn't the classical 'girl grows and clothes are ripped to pieces', but since i thought of the devolution cause being a magical spell... you can see Hermione's clothing going from modern to a primitive cloth skirt and sandals, to a dirty animal skin and finally a ragged piece of fur acting as a loincloth before devolving finally into the mystery cavewoman.

Character property of well, you know who.
(And yes, i know i'm going to hell as soon as HP's fandom sees this)
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Oh how I wish this was in one of the films. Instead of the cat tf in the second one. Great work!